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15/03/2007 - 8:17 a.m.

Threads/Life With Daniel

You know, I was thinking about what an amazing episode "Threads" is. It's one of those milestone episodes. Though it isnt one of my favourites, it is quite extraordinary, epic and important.
As well, I was thinking about the fact that Daniel basically ascended himself. I think he was a bit curious over what lay beyond human life and ascension. Really, though, he wanted to just ascend and retake human form already, but it was almost as though Oma was stopping him. He thought he needed to work things out with her. Once he no longer had her to fall back on, he had no choice but to realise he could just take ascension all on his own. Of course after that there was no hesitation, as the reason he ascended again at all was simply so he could retake human form. (^_^) I don't know if he could ascend if he didn't have that limbo option, which, obviously, he won't again. If he could ascend by himself, just the ordinary way, if you will, I don't know if the other ascended beings wouldn't allow it, or if they only won't help him ascend again. They must all be somewhat annoyed with him for letting them know the way they think is extremely crappy. Another thing, Oh, my God. I mentioned this when I first saw the episode, but not as much. Bastard Anubis! Son of a bitch bastard! He got my angel to think he was a nice guy. Bastard! This is the worst sort of badness. If you're going to be evil, at least be honest about it. Something like that happens in an episode of "Bonanza", with Ben, but it's far more horrible when my Daniel is involved. Bastard Anubis! Of course, then there's the fact that he's nasty to someone Daniel considers a friend. My angel wasn't upset about being shown the papers, he was concerned Oma would be. I'm sorry, yeah, he's so beautiful. Yeah, though, Anubis is a shit hole. It'd be nice if he could die, but at least he has to spend all his time fighting now. I love the look on his face when Oma says she's going to fight him.

There is this picture in one of the Stargate Magazines; May/June 2005 to be precise. It's of Daniel in "Icon", from the neck up, a very close up picture. I love looking at it. I look at it every chance I get. You can see him so well in the picture. It's wonderful. I love every detail of him. I love any stubble on his face. I love the lines and every other little "imperfection". God, he's so beautiful it's ridiculous! I want to, I need to hold him. I just wish I could do that. I know I'll be able to one day, only, I don't know. I don't know how that works. I have no idea about how things are in heaven, so I can only imagine what it would be like to be with him from a mortal standpoint, and I'm so often imagining what it would like to hold him, to kiss him all over, to run my fingers through his hair, rub my face against his face, my body against his body, to feel him, smell him, taste him, hear and feel his breathing and heartbeat, hear him talking to me, to talk to him I imagine, our daily life together. In the morning, sometimes Id wake up and hed be showering. If he wasnt in a hurry, Id pay him a visit, or perhaps Id wake up first and see him sleeping next to me. If I had time, before the alarm went off (as I imagine hed have one to get to work on time), Id turn it off and kiss his eyes. Hed wake up and smile at me, me at him. Sometimes doing the same for me would wake me up, but Im a much more sound sleeper, so its also possible that at times, unfortunately, Id wake up and hed already be gone, but Id try very hard not to let that happen very often. On special occasions and such, if I got up first, Id bring him breakfast in bed, and I imagine hed do the same for me at times. He would kiss me goodbye as he went off to work and I'd stay home and keep house, as it were. He'd come back and I'd have dinner waiting. He'd give me a hello kiss and I'd ask about his day, he'd ask about mine. After perhaps we'd watch something interesting on the History channel. We'd often make love, of course, and when he had time off, we'd also go out. Perhaps on one day we'd visit a museum, another we'd attend the lecture of some renowned professor, anything interesting, or wed just enjoy the extra time we had together. Every day we had together would be wonderful. If he was ever stressed for any reason, I would do my best to help him feel better. I would work through problems with him, stay with him through thick and thin. I cant imagine us ever fighting. Nothing he could do would bother me. If we ever fought, it would have to be a damned good reason. I think the only time Id be angry at him is if he made me worry. I get angry when Im scared, and I dont know if that would cause me to yell at him, but honestly, I doubt it. Just seeing him, I doubt very seriously that I could ever yell at him, or be upset with him for any reason. I know a lot of people would say after living with Daniel a while, that would change, but theyre not considering the extent of my love for him, and I know that any time I was having trouble dealing with anything, hed be there for me. Our love would grow stronger through the years, and that love would continue on to when we entered heaven (which Id prefer to do first, but I wouldnt want too much time to go by, as its obviously best that were together, wherever we are). I think perhaps this all sounds a bit Somewhere Thats Green, but well, they're in love, and this is likely stronger than that, so, there you are.

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