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04/03/2007 - 3:36 a.m.

Star Trek/bi-polar/SG-1

Well, I suppose this is a fine time to say that I've passed the geek threshold fully. I love the original "Star Trek"! It's on TV Land every morning after "Bonanza". I used to just keep the television running because it wasn't anything I really didn't like and I didn't feel like changing the channel, but one day I actually decided to watch the show, and I found it is way cool. Spock is totally my favourite character. He reminds me of Teal'c. Actually, he reminds a lot of people of Teal'c, or really, I should say Teal'c reminds people of Spock, as Spock came first, of course, but I knew Teal'c better first, so yeah. Yeah, though, Spock is awesome! Other than those who wear their heart on their sleeve, my favourite characters tend to be those who seem at first like they don't care, may even try to imply that they don't care, but the more you get to know them, it's obvious they really do. My second favourite character is Scootie. The best way I can think to describe him is "feisty". Scottie rocks!
Anyway, I watched "Star Trek" when I was a kid, but I guess I wasn't thinking about whether I'd still like it, and obviously I do. O f course, I should have figured, being the geek that I am. So, yeah, the reason why I feel this is a great time to announce that is because of this. I am a little miffed, first off, that the article only mentions "fan boys". I mean, if we she-geeks are every going to get an recognition, those who talk about geeks overall need to start including us. I mean, there may not be as many of us, but we still deserve our propers. At any rate, I don't know what the movie going to be like exactly, but I definitely want to check it out. Hopefully they'll stay true to the overall feel of the show, and I'll be happy with everything.

You know, I am like super bi-polar. I mean, I'm not like super hyper one day then wanting to kill myself the next day, but still. I was super deep and moody yesterday, and now I'm borderline hyper and generally just very up. I don't mind, really. It's just, I only very recently have noticed how clear cut the difference is in my mood from day to day.

Actually, I should be frustrated because today I can't watch all of SG-1, and tomorrow "Frozen" is on, which is not only an episode Daniel isn't in, but it's not even one I like a lot, though I'll admit it's one that is somewhat interesting, and I actually refer to it in my fan fic.
At any rate, Tuesday "Shadow Play" is on, which Daniel isn't in, but it's still very cool, all things considered. I like Dean Stockwell a lot, and that episode, I don't know. It's just very good, even if it's not as good as it would be if Daniel were in it. Tuesday's mini marathon day as well, with "Shadow Play" and two 8th season episodes, plus somewhat inexplicably, a 7th season episode:"Inauguration" That one pretty well sucks, and I can't watch the last episode "Citizen Joe", but "Full Alert" is also on, which is also not that great as episodes go overall, but Daniel is in it a lot, and does a lot of wonderful Daniel things, which is like, "duh", I know, but yeah. Also he wears a suit. So I really love watching that episode even if it's not that great all in all. So, yeah. I suppose that's another reason why I'm feeling pretty good. I mean' I suppose I'd be even happier if there were episodes on that I really love that Daniel is in, but yeah.

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