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24/02/2007 - 2:16 a.m.

Mum and Other Stuff/6th Season and All/Daniel Fans

Mum called a couple days ago. She has a frame for me. I guess it's big enough for my Beatles records. She was saying I could put one of them on my wall then, and I said that would be cool, but I should have said I don't have any room on my wall anymore. It's all taken up with pictures of Daniel. Oh well.

Anyway, I don't know how many people read my sister's diary, but she talked about how Mum had back surgery, and she was hurting a lot after it, for longer than she should have, and it turned out she got a fracture somehow. So she's going into surgery again in a bit here, and hopefully that will solve the problem.

You know, I know I basically talk about no one and nothing but Daniel on here. I do care about other stuff, just not nearly as much. I can't help it. He means more to me than anything else, anywhere, ever. Still, I do love my family, and I want everyone to know I am concerned about what's going on with my mum. Also, I'm still very impassioned by human rights issues and such, but I generally only talk about that stuff on Care2. I will try to say more about my family on here at least, though, but I'll never talk about anything else on here more than I talk about Daniel. As I said, I can't help that.

I've been feeling like listening to love songs a lot lately (and I can listen to them more since I've made it so I can use my headphones on the computer, now I can listen to music when Maggie's out here). I always feel like listening to love songs, but these days... I haven't listened to James in two days! I feel rather bad about that. Well, except that I listen to "In Flowers" and "Cry" on my "Yearning" playlist. That's the funny thing, too. I mean, right now I'm feeling like listening to "Sweet Love", happy love songs where I'm just like, "I'm so happy I've found my angel!" A few days ago, though, I'm just like, "God, why can't I be with him? I can't stand it!" So, I listened to my "Yearning" playlist. It's quite sporadic. One thing that never changes, though, the fact that Daniel means as much to me as he does, only perhaps that feeling increases each day, but yeah.

"Full Circle" was on at 12:00 this morning. I can only watch that up to the part where Daniel and Jack are in the elevator. After that is a briefing scene which isn't that big of a deal, and Daniel isn't in it, and once they get to Abydos, things get sucky very quickly. Of course, the 6:00 p.m. week day season now on Sci-Fi is 6th. I'm looking forward to "The Changeling" especially, but also "Abyss", and well, there are some really good episodes in 6th season, but, obviously, any episodes Daniel isn't in would be even better if he were in them.
Well, all in all I can't wait until I'm able to see my angel a lot more again. At least I have "SG-1 Tuesdays" and 10th season episodes on Fridays. Then, of course, it's on Fox Saturdays and UPN on Sundays. I can't watch every episode every day, but there is more opportunity to see him. So, there's that.

I was thinking about how many other Daniel fans there are. A lot of people love him. I wonder if any of them can imagine there is one Daniel fans who loves him far more than the rest ever could. None of them really see him. A lot of people like him for how good he is, but they don't really know. They don't see the true beauty in him. How truly wonderful he is, and they'll never be able to.

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