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11/02/2007 - 2:22 a.m.

"Counterstrike"/The Bitches/Other Things

You know, I was thinking that the last time I saw "Counterstrike", I said pretty well the same thing as in my last entry, except I mentioned what Daniel says about Sha're and all, that was actually the focus, but of course I despised Adria then. Although, I don't think I classified her with Hathor and all them as she wasn't specifically targeting Daniel any more than others she needed information from. I think I either didn't hear the part about having "plans" for him, or didn't realise the significance of it. I was probably hoping that when they went away, she would just be like, "Okay, they're gone. So much for that," which is really, really stupid, of course, but yeah, wishful thinking can be like that. Obviously, now I know what she's planning and it's puts her square with all those other bitches.
In any case, I have to make sure that if I see that episode again, I turn it before the sucky stuff starts happening, because if I just try to switch the channel, that part is so long, and I'll think it's over, and I'll switch it back, and, well, I will be watching something beyond not good, but I don't want to miss when he's okay agin, so it's tricky, and again, I prefer just not getting to that point in the first place.

Speaking of, I was thinking of all of those bitches who treat him badly, and I forgot about Replicarter! She is definitely up there. She could be number one. I don't know if Adria or Hathor are worse overall, but Osiris is probably least bad, although still horrible, she didn't kill him or cause him as much pain as Adria, and she didn't take advantage of him in such a sickening way as Hathor did.
Also, I said before that I wished Replicarter had a soul so she could go to Hell, but now, I don't believe that anyone who has a soul can actually be evil, so I don't believe in Hell, but yeah, still hate her.

Some other points which need addressing:

I'm not sure I ever established that Maggie was never really in love with Daniel. I said she was not as in love with him as I am, but she realises now, and I knew then, really, that she was never truly in love with him. She was just confused and jealous because I'd found my true love, and she hadn't. I was always saying I didn't know if he was really my true love back then, that perhaps there are others who are in love with him, but I really don't see that in all fans of his I see, They may care about him, love him, they certainly are not in love with him, and if there is anyone who could possibly be besides me, there is no way they could love him with the strength that I do, and they are certainly not his soul-mate. I know he must be mine, because there is no one I could ever love as much as him, let alone more. Oh, and Maggie has found her soul-mate now, and everything is worked out with that.

Also, I was saying that he was no my Daniel yet when you first see him, that I didn't see him the same way, well, first I have to say that I may have addressed this already, I recall making an entry about it, but I can't find it, so yeah, I have to at least reiterate, that I do not know what I was on about saying that. Yes, the overall way he thinks about things was not quite up there. He needed to experience a few more things before you saw that, and he had some frustrating ways of handling things because of that, but he was still really my Daniel. That soul could be seen, and it isn't as though someone becomes a person's soul-mate. They just are, from the beginning.

Another thing, I said something about other planes, that televison characters exist in a way where they can visit heaven, even if they're alive. Well, I don't believe that completely. I think that it's perhaps the case with cartoon characters, the way they, are but with a lot of characters, those who can actually, die, it doesn't make sense at all. I think they just live in a reality similar to ours and when they die they go to Heaven or get reincarnated or whatever, all things depending.

Similar to that, I always talked about how annoyed I am with the writers of SG-1, but I believe Daniel was always there, so, really, the writers are just picking up things that happen in the reality he's in, and if they pick up frustrating things, I shouldn't blame them, because they didn't make it happen. Perhaps there're some little things which are somehow a connection to our reality, or would be different if you saw them there, but everything with Daniel, I mean, I can see that he's my Daniel. I can't imagine that the situations I'm seeing with him would be very different in actuality. All in all, I don't see these situations being different. There are anomalies, when an actor portrays the character who doesn't actually look like them, and we don't see it the same way, as in "Rite of Passage", but yeah, overall, everything is seen the way it really happens, perhaps never exactly when it happens, a little before or after depending, but yeah.

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