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2007-02-02 - 5:30 a.m.

More on Daniel in college/Yesterday's SG-1 Ep./Threads

You know, I just realised that when Daniel started college, if he was eighteen, I was only five! Of course, given that he must have had around nine or ten years of graduate school, I would have been eighteen or nineteen by the time he was totally finished. So, at least one year where he was still in there. Th point, though, is that I definitely wouldn't have been able to be in college with him, but still, that one entry still holds true for if that were possible.

"Rite Of Passage" was on yesterday. TV Guide Dot Com calls it "The Rite Of Passage". They also call "Entity" "The Entity". I want to say something but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to do so.

At any rate, I don't love "Rite Of Passage", but it's not bad. It's watchable. I like the end. One thing I think is that the gal portraying Cassie is not really Cassie (she is the gal in "Bane", which is an episode I actually like more than ROP). I mean to say that it doesn't feel like it's really her. I think the real Cassie looks like the original gal who played her, but if they can't get that person, they use someone else, and the characters don't see what we see. They see the real Cassie. If we could go to that reality then go back in time to that point and, to the SGC, and see Cassie, she wouldn't look like she does in that episode, she would look how she does in "Singularity, except three years older, which sort of goes without saying, but yeah. I suppose it's a bit disruptive, and there isn't that much to the episode somehow. Yeah, though, it's watchable. One thing, when Daniel is talking to Janet, standing in front of her. It's very sweet. I mean, he's being Daniel, but, also, well, another thing, st the risk of seeming shallow, I love that perspective, because I know that Janet is my exact height and build, so I can compare her to him and get a better perspective of myself in the same place. I mean, not right there and then, in place of her (not that I would have minded being there at all, certainly, I'd still obviously want Janet to be there), but you know what I mean.

On a similar note, it occurred to me that I really want to see the end of "Threads" again. Okay, the stuff at the "Waffle House" isn't so bad, except for that bastard Anubis upsetting my angel, but the other half of the episode is very depressing.
The end, though, is way awesome. I mean, you have the thing with the "fishing" at the end, and, of course, the best part, Daniel comes back (as everyone knew he would, including everyone at the SGC, but still), and then, of course, well, you know. I mean, I feel for my sweetie as he's obviously embarrassed, but it's not as bad as it could be. He's not really upset or anything, so I don't think it's bad that I enjoy it. I mean, not his being embarrassed. Right, of course you know what I mean. God, though. He's so beautiful!

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