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2006-09-14 - 4:50 a.m.

Memento Mori (spoilers)/Wrecked Car/Bog People/James Concert

Well, this is going to be a rather long entry as a lot has happened in the last few days.

First off, of course, is the newest SG-1 episode. I actually liked it a lot. There was a "Daniel moment" near the end, when he told Vala that it's time for her to come home. That was wonderful. It annoyed me that no one seemed to believe him about his dinner with Vala not being an actual date. Why would he lie about that? Why does everyone think if two people are out who are two heterosexual (or at least bisexual) members opposite gender that they must be on a date? It is actually possible for a girl to have a friend who's a guy or vice versa who is truly just a friend (and isn't gay or anything). Of course Vala's the one who perpetuates this assumption. She's definitely not as bad as she used to be, however. She has actually started treating Daniel with a marginal amount of respect (still far less than he deserves as far as I'm concerned, but then, I can probably say that about everyone Daniel hangs out with, even Teal'c and Sam). I'm not annoyed at all now that she's become part of SG-1, particularly as they made it easier by incorporating her somewhat gradually, so we're able to get used to her and see that she's not as bad as she used to be. That way, if there is still outrage, it's lessened dramatically.

Alright, now the next thing which is not good at all: My sister crashed the car. She was trying to turn off and didn't have enough room. There was a car straight ahead as she straightened out from the turn-off, and, well, the inevitable happened. Obviously, she's going to go ahead and take the next exit and move on from there if they misses a turn again, instead of taking such a foolhardy risk, but yeah, it's pretty sucky. The car is totaled. We were planning on getting a new car (well, used, but new for us), but I was counting on having this car up until then. Actually, Maggie was talking about fixing that car up, but really, it's much better that we scrap it and get another one. Perhaps she wouldn't have realised that if this didn't happen, but it's still highly frustrating not having a car.

Anyway, this next topic is loosely related to the preceding one: The day of the accident, we were on our way to the L.A. Natural History Museum to see the Mysterious Bog People exhibit, a traveling exhibit showcasing many artefacts found in the bogs of Northern Europe, including weapons, jewelry, clothing, and human remains, all of which are remarkably preserved by the properties of the bogs. Anyway, This was something I was majorly looking forward to, and when the crash happened, there was no way we could make it over there (and we were like ten minutes away). I was pretty devastated when I thought we wouldn't be able to go, but it turned out that there was one day left, so our dad drove us over there. There were gift bags left over from Saturday that had posters, bookmarks, and tiny pieces of amber from the actual bog sites, which obviously is the most exciting part. I picked one up for myself, my sister, dad, as well as my mum and her girlfriend, the only two persons I grabbed gift bags for who didn’t actually see the exhibit, which spanned twelve thousand years, from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages. It was interesting seeing the difference in items placed in the bogs throughout the years, and how the concentration of items seemed to increase as the years went by, almost as if the people were trying to compensate for not having as many items to give to the bogs. Another possibility could actually be the embarrassment of not having as much time to craft things by hand. Molds were used for a lot of the weapons and most if not all of the coins found from the Middle Ages (to be clear, no coins at all were made or traded by the “Bog People” until after the Bronze Age). In other words, perhaps they felt that because not as much work went into creating as many of the items, they needed to give more of them to appease or show appreciation to whatever spiritual entity they saw in the bogs. Human sacrifice appeared three thousand years ago. The funny thing is that the first human’s body was not only totally lost to the bogs (save fore a few skin fragments, he was the one sacrifice discovered who actually wore a fair amount of clothing when offered, almost as if the properties of the clothing prevented the body from being preserved, which doesn’t seem logical, so I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but it’s interesting, nonetheless. My favourite of the actual bodies, indeed, my favourite of all the artefacts, is the “Red Franz”, a mummy dated between A.D. 200 and 400, who still sports a good portion of near shoulder length bright red hair and a bright red beard to match. Even his eyebrows are still intact. The final part of the experience was the “Bog Science Investigation”, or BSI, where you could use clues to peace together the “life” of a theoretical bog person using forensics. I happen to be maddeningly fascinated by anthropological forensics, (the farther back in history the body is from, the better) as that’s really a big part of archaeology. The only real trouble I had was with the skull. I was nervous about moving it too much (although they obviously are not real, they are beautifully recreated specimens and every bit as fragile as the originals) with all the people around so could not get a good estimation of age by erosion of the teeth, and also had trouble determining the gender. (I had actually determined this already in the pelvis of the individual, but thought that perhaps this case study involved two persons.) A female specimen never has the ridges near where the eyebrows would be sticking out, but it looked to me as though the indication was that the smaller those ridges are, the more likely the specimen is female. Since that somewhat foolish mistake, I’ve been a tad obsessed with sexing any skulls I happen to see on televison, online, or in books. I know that others probably made similar mistakes, and that was my first try with something like that, with little or no training and without the benefit of a nice quiet lab, so I shouldn’t feel so dumb about it, but I still do. At least I tried, though. I mean, my sister didn’t even do that. Although, in her defense, she has ADHD, so she can be very impatient. She just flew through the actual exhibit. I’m surprised she remembers anything about it. At least our dad spent more time (though still not as much time as me). My sister is also actually very interested in forensics, but the modern kind, used to solve contemporary crimes, not to piece together the lives of persons living thousands of years ago (she’s a big fan of CSI Las Vegas).

Okay, last but certainly not least: We got tickets to see James at the Gibson in Universal City! I was being an idiot and didn't think about looking up concert dates. I knew he was in Europe, but tickets go on sale for each country months in advance. Than God I heard an announcement about the concert on Star 98.7. It actually sounded to me like they were saying that the concert was happening really soon, but I guess it was just to nod something of relevance to the station (as they play his music, though not as much of late, very frustratingly) coming up in the next few months. Tickets had already gone on sale when I heard the announcement, but luckily they weren't sold out. Unfortunately we could only get the lowest priced tickets this time, but I'm sure he'll have other concerts here for upcoming albums. I'll have plenty of chances to get excellent seats. I'm just ecstatic that I get to see him at all for his first concert here. I don't know what I would have done if I missed that. I would have felt like not as much of a fan in any case, and from now on, I'm definitely going to keep tabs after each album he records on when and where he'll be touring.

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