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2006-07-21 - 10:06 p.m.

Thoughts on "Morpheus" (spoilers)

Well, things seem to be improving, a bit. Let's see, Vala actually seems to have mellowed out, and she hasn't said any sexually defacing things to Daniel for two whole episodes now! I'm thinkinking that could have something to do with what Cameron said to her in "Crusade" (though Cameron is on my "list" as well, at the moment, for his conduct in the latest episode, which I'll discuss shortly). Both her pretty well inevitable entrance into SG-1 (which, not surprisingly, Daniel suggested-Dr. Landry expressed surprise that Daniel of all people would want to help Vala, I just thought, "You obviously don't know Daniel well enough yet.") and the impending "romance factor" were brought forth in this latest episode, and really, neither idea seems quite as bad when I actually hear them presented, especially, as I said before, Vala actually seems to have finally developed what could be called a complete conscience. Of course, she seemed to twice before, again, Iím hoping what Cameron said will make the third time the charm, as it were. That being said, I don't know if I'll ever like her enough where I'd miss her if she left. I'm still slightly "cringe-ish" over the idea that she's a main character, and I do have to admit that the potential romance situation still makes me nervous (for lack of a better word). If Daniel and Vala do end up together, I won't hate it, but I can tell you right now that I'm never going to like it. I mean, it isn't as though Daniel needs anyone at this time. I know. I know. I shouldn't hold jealous feelings towards Vala, or Sha'Re, or any other women Daniel's been romantically involved with. There isn't much I can do about it here, and it won't matter after I "shuffle off this mortal coil", as Shakespeare would say, but dang it, when I see another woman pawing over him, I just get so bitter. I mean, why does she get to be there, with him? I know, though, I have to understand my situation, and not think that way, and yet, I simply can't help it. That being said, Daniel himself is still not showing any real signs that he's actually attracted to Vala, but that could change if she proves to not be so manipulative in trying to garner his affections, and actually cares about his affections, and not just his body. Some people would say that she did care about him before, she simply didnít know how to express it, but in my experience, when you truly care about someone, you donít try to manipulate their emotions in order to get them to sleep with you. She certainly seems to have grown fond of him for real at this point, though, not surprisingly. Of course, she'll never be more than just a "girlfriend" when it all comes down. I have to keep that in mind. It's healthier than alcohol.

Moving on to Cameron. His remark in the cave about Daniel not going with them. I didn't like the insinuation there. Cameron has not earned the right to say things about the other team members like that, not in just a teasing way like with Teal'c, and especially to say something questioning Daniel's integrity. I mean, I know I'm biased, but anyway, he obviously wouldn't have had them go in there if it was really dangerous, and he had to stay back and do more research. The other members can be like that with each other, because you know they're either joking, or not meaning what they say in a bad way. Iím calling him on that. I suppose he didn't mean to imply anything really mean, but I'll just be really listening to how he speaks of Daniel in the next few episodes.

One thing, this episode seemed to be bringing Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c more in to the foreground. Actually, the first episode wasn't too bad with that, either, especially, as itís always nice when much of the focus is on Daniel (though one thing Iíll say, Cameron and the others on The Odyssey seemed to be taking their sweet time helping get everyone back all right).

I wished I could have been there to help Daniel with the sleeping thing. I mean, I always wish I could be with him, but I there are times when I think about it just a bit more, my help is needed more. Okay, I couldnít do anything anyway, but still. Also, the whole Vala thing would be touchy, because she actually does need to be there right now, to help with the Orii problem, and I wouldn't leave. Of course, I'm always considering I'd have been there for a while, so forget about how she'd be with that. Also, I suppose I could even be a hindrance in some ways. I'm not sure how, but otherwise I'd be there.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember what.

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