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2006-04-23 - 7:39 a.m.

Oh, Canada!

So, Canada. I meant to make an entry about more on this splendid country earlier, but I've been sort of putting it off. Actually, I've been busy with other things, but I probably could've added the entry before now. Anyway, my diary pal, geeked-out asked me to say more about it, so I figured I'd better get to it. Not that I was trying to avoid talking about Canada, I guess I mostly just forgot.

Anyway. I LOVE Canada! I mean, don't get me wrong, Canada isn't perfect, but then, what place is? The inflation rate there may be absurd, and homelessness and unemployment may be rampant, but they're hardly non existent in America, and at least you don't have to sell one of your non medically essential organs in order to pay for chemo on your brain. Also, Canadians actually help the homeless, instead of yelling at them to "get a job", like that's so easy when you don't have any interview quality clothing, much less an address. Canada is a lot less preoccupied with celebrity than America (and most other countries). Canadians aren't made to feel guilty for gaining one or two pounds, then hounded by commercials advertising burgers with well over the daily value. Things are generally more laid back in Canada (at least, they know what's really worth getting upset over). While (contrary to popular belief) Marijuana is not actually totally legal there, it is legal to own in BC, and growing and selling pot in Canada isn't considered the "majour offense" it is here. There's also the matter of America's ego. Canada is proud, but not obnoxious about it, and they don't drive gas guzzlers while at the same time claiming protecting the environment is important to them. There are actually forests right among Canada's main cities. There isn't such a mentality of wanting to take over everything. It really frustrates me that so many Americans are like that.
One thing that's sad about Canada, the suicide rate is slightly higher than that of the U.S., but more people are accidentally killed by guns here every year than commit suicide in Canada, so perhaps we just don't have time to kill ourselves quite as much.
Sorry. It's not that I hate America. I love it. I love what it's supposed to stand for. I love its oceans, mountains and streams, its forests, its museums, its few residents who actually care about more than themselves. I mean, Daniel is American, but I hate what America represents to many people, how the government runs things, that big business owners get more tax cuts than those who actually need them. I dunno, maybe if a democrat was in the White House right now I wouldn't be feeling so cynical about this country. Well, at least there's one awesome thing America has that Canada doesn't: They don't run SpongeBob Squarepants on televison over there. Sad as it sounds, I don't think I could live anywhere (and that's everywhere but America) where I couldn't watch SpongeBob six days a week (without having to buy any DVDs of the show, that is).

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