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2006-01-30 - 4:00 a.m.


It has come to my attention that some people are not entirely clear by what I mean when I say that I love Daniel. I feel it is now my duty to explain exactly (or as close a proximity as mere words will allow) what I mean by the words "I love Daniel!":

Foremost, I do not have a crush, nor a mere appreciation for Daniel, or even the simple love of a fine character. My love is that of Juliet for her Romeo, Cleopatra for her Antony, in other words, I am in love with Daniel.

To be sure, Daniel is the key name here. I've met Michael, the guy who portrays Daniel, allows for him to be seen in this reality. He's certainly a groovy guy, but he is nothing like my angel, indeed, he's not my type, as they say, at all (of course, even if he was, no one can be as much my type as my Daniel). What first attracted me to Daniel was his personality, the first time I saw him, I didn't even think he was cute (whereas now, of course, he's the most beautiful individual or anything to me, ever, and who ever will be)! Daniel and Michael are like identical twins who are very easy to tell apart because of how different they are in nearly every aspect, to the point that they do actually look different.
As well, it must be noted that when I speak of loving Daniel, I am never referring to any version of him other than the main one that we see. No other "Daniel" is just like him, and no other "Daniel" will do, he is my one and only, my Daniel, and, it should also be noted, that I am in love with him, his soul, so, for example, in Holiday (which is too difficult for me to watch now, incidentally), after Daniel and Machello change bodies, I am in love with the man in the bed, not the one using Daniel's actual body because he feels that's his "right", or whatever.

A third point, one may wonder how it's possible for me to be in love with a "fictional" character, well, as you've probably gathered by the quotations, I do not believe Daniel is fictional (I have an advanced theory concerning other realities encroaching on ours in one way or another, for one reason or another, but it takes a bit to explain, and I don't want to digress too far), actually, I know Daniel is not fictional, because a miracle of his magnitude, the ultimate jewel, can not be the mere invention of writers. More than that, I can see it, in his eyes, his soul, there is true life there, astounding, glorious life, but still further, is the fact that if Daniel were not real, I would not be real, for I am nothing without the knowledge of his existence, and so very little of myself without him.

Which leads me to the next point; the fact that Daniel is my soul-mate. This realisation is no whimsical wish of a teen infatuation. For one thing, I''ll actually be twenty eight in less than four months. For another, as you can figure, I certainly know what love is, I have been in love plenty of times. Still, I had never experienced true love, a love which can only be manifested through the discovery of that one person who is all to you. Daniel is my universe, my world, my breath, my blood, my heart, my soul. I guarantee that no one else loves him, or ever could love him as much as I do, let alone more, particularly considering that, as impossible as it seems, my love for Daniel grows stronger every day, and I've already been in love with him for over a year now. I wear a Promise Ring on my wedding finger; a Ruby heart (Daniel's birth stone) with a small diamond next to it (my birth stone). I never take it off, it is a commitment to my never ending love, the fact that I will not be with anyone again, until such time as I enter Heaven, and am reunited with my Daniel, my angel, once again.

So, there you have it, the fullest explanation possible of just what I mean when I say that I love Daniel. Some may say I'm "crazy", that I "need help", but I know that what I feel is the truth, and that I am no more insane than anyone else who's discovered their true soul-mate.

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