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2005-12-06 - 2:12 a.m.

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Okay, first off, Thanksgiving was great. On the actual day, Maggie and I had Thanksgiving dinner with dad at Marie Calender's (with pasta instead of turkey for Maggie and me), then the next day Maggie and I had lunch with Mum, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Ann Elyse at Andria's (this awesome fish place by the Ventura pier). Wendy was working so she couldn't make it, unfortunately, but we still had a great time, on both days.

I made up with Maggie. That is, I trust her now. Basically she didn't tell me because of an obsession (she has OCD as well) she has about not wanting to tell anyone about something potentially bad until it's all over, preferably, of course, with a happy ending, as it were. Obviously, she knows this isn't really the case, but her OCD tells her that if she tells anyone about the situation, writes about it, even thinks about it too much, the worst possible outcome will definitely come true. So, I guess she wasn't really thinking about that being why she didn't tell me about Amanda, then she realised, and explained, and I totally understand. So we're totally cool again.

I've seen "Chicken Little" three times now. I plan to get the video game and the soundtrack. I swear, that's like my favourite movie now!

Paul McCartney! I saw Paul McCartney! The Paul McCartney!!!! He sang "Hey Jude", of course, and a bunch of other great songs from his Beatles years, Wings years, and solo career. Maggie got a shirt, and I got a magnet to add to our fridge collection.

The only really upsetting thing was when we were going back to our car, we passed by some homeless people, one sleeping under a comforter and a clear plastic tarp, the other was sleeping in a cardboard box, her once white shoes sticking out of the box's opening. I'm guessing they were related in some way. Well, it just angered me so much seeing those people, on the street (so to speak), with the Staples Center so close by, and Paul having just played to so many fans, plenty of people out and about, for a late night at the bar, clubbing... My point is that almost no one seems to notice or care that about the derelict, those mis-placed individuals who are, in general, no different than you or I, except that they don't happen to have a proper roof over their heads. Another thing, I frankly don't see why the homeless situation is so bad. I mean, people should not have to sleep in public parks and on sidewalks. There needs to be more government funded programmes to deal with this issue, and more people need to get involved.

Moving on... SG-1 was not on last night. I look forward to Mondays, expecting to be able to see a mini marathon of my angel, and here Sci-Fi disappoints me (that is, more than they disappoint me by not having "SG-1 Monday" actually run all of Monday)! *sighs*

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