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2005-11-19 - 6:02 p.m.

Maggie/Gay TV "Relationships"/Bit Confused/Daniel

My sister has the bad habit of being rather insulting. It seems she said some rather not nice things about republicans. Naturally, a few republicans called her on that in her comments page. So, she removed the offending entry. First off, she doesn't seem to quite have the knack of Freedom of Speech. I mean, the moment someone says something contrary to how she feels, she deletes an entire diary entry, not out of respect for possibly offending others, but because she doesn't want to give those who don't agree with her a chance to speak their mind. She has since made a couple of other entries expressing her frustration with the current state of government, wherein she demands that no one state a disagreement of opinion her on these matters. No doubt she's afraid of incurring the wrath of the conservative public, thing is, these other entries are not a personal attack on conservatives themselves. Last time I checked, most right-wingers were quite sensible when it comes to respecting other's opinions, even if they don't agree.

Well, Maggie's been doing some pretty frustrating things for a bit now. Much of it I haven't minded too much, not even the above mentioned. At least the majority were no cause for me to distrust her. It was only after she didn't tell me about the possible problems with Amanda's pregnancy that I lost my trust in her forever, or at least as long as I'm on the earth. Don't get me wrong. I love Maggie, she's my sister, and for all intents and purposes, my best friend. I mean, she probably understands me better than anyone else (though still not as well as I'd like), but I agree with Debbie in GPB "Forget about forgiving and just accept". I accept the fact that Maggie screwed me over and my confidence in her has been destroyed. At the same time, I'm no longer angry with her. Though I can never understand why she didn't inform me concerning Amanda, remaining at odds with her serves no purpose, and it's one thing I can do as far as the situation goes.

You know, why is it that on most television stations, whenever two men are supposed to be a couple, they exude about as much romance as coral? (That's yet another rhetorical question of mine, I know exactly why this is.)
People in relationship, no matter what their genders, sit close to each other, put their arms around each other, kiss each other. They don't sit ten feet away from each other, while at the same talking grandly about how they don't give a damn what others think. *sighs* I don't know which is worse, not allowing gay characters to have relationships at all (unless it's as some sort of joke), or these farces they try to pass off as meaningful.

Sci-Fi has been running this thing each Friday where they show three episodes of either season 9 of SG-1, or season 2 of Atlantis. This week it was SG-1. The thing is, the week before the week before that, the last episode was "The Ties That Bind", and we never saw "The Powers That Be" At least I didn't, and I'm pretty sure I would have remembered. So, I'm confused. They must have played four episodes that first week and skipped TPTB, but I was sure they ended on Origin. UI know I saw TTTB in there, and I certainly would remember if TPTB had been on, and then, that would have only been two episodes, since they started on "Beachhead" this week. *shrugs* Oh well.

You know, I don't mean to keep getting on Maggie's case, but I just have to say one other thing concerning her: She was jealous of Wendy, upset because Mum takes Wendy everywhere she used to take Maggie, since Dad never wanted to go. If Maggie had found her soul-mate, she'd understand. The thing is, Mum believes Wendy and she are soul-mates, and I don't doubt it, and I never felt it was too bad she and dad had to break up, or that she should be spending less time with Wendy and more time with us, and I'm sure she loves Wendy more than she loves either of us, she must if they're soul-mates, and I completely understand, but Maggie would probably be insulted if she knew this. I don't know if I would have understood before I found m soul-mate, but I suspect I would have tried to be a little less selfish about it. Still, for her part, Maggie has realised she was being rather unfair. I just wanted to explain how I though about her initial feelings towards Mum's new relationship.

Maggie was trying to figure out the alternate realities thing, as far as television shows and such. She was asking me if I thought they came into being after the shows were created, or if they'd been there all along, and that's where the idea basically comes from, and somehow the character is manifested into each episode, or if the characters become real after being brought to life by the actors and such. I have no idea! All I know is that it's Daniel I see when watching SG-1. More than that, it really is Daniel, my Daniel, when watching "Beachhead", or "Avatar", or "Maternal Instinct", or most of the other episodes of SG-1 that I can watch, but he's Daniel, all the time, is my point. Daniel, my Daniel (the other ones exist, but I frankly don't care about them when it all comes down), is always real, and always was, somehow, some way. I know he's my soul-mate. I know I was with him in Heaven before I was born, and I know I'll be with him there again when I die. I don't give a damn if that makes no sense to most people. In matters of the heart, at least, I pay no mind to logic.

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