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2005-07-26 - 12:40 a.m.


I had the oddest dream the other day.
I dreamt I was Sam. I thought the way she does and was in love with Jack. It was so strange. I somehow became invisible or out of phase or what have you. I could touch people, but they couldn't touch me. Their hand would just pass through me. Anyway, we were on a ship, and Jack needed to use his Ancient gene to fix something or other. He didn't know, though, so I guided him to where he needed to use the gene, and the ship was okay. Then there was some incidental stuff, walking around and all. We became tired, and Jack went and lied back on a recliner. I went to rest against his right leg, then I thought it wouldn't be appropriate for me to rest against the General like that (he was still the SGC general in my dream). I called him General as Sam would, of course. I settled on lying on a sofa next to the recliner (don't ask me what a recliner and sofa were doing on the ship). I went to sleep in my dream, and when I woke up in it, I could be seen. Jack woke me up, and I think I woke up for real pretty soon after that. I didn't know people could dream like that. It was the craziest feeling, not when I was actually dreaming it, but immediately after, realising what I'd dreamt.

Alright. I have to tell about the wonderful story my sister told. She was really hyper last night when we were watching the episode Upgrades on tape, and she kept going on about how Jack wanted Sam to get the naquadah they leave behind. "Damn Carter! She forgot the naquadah!" is what she said Jack said. So anyway, then she said that all of the SGC retired to Hawaii, where Jack learned to surf! There was a surfing contest and Sam won because she'd learned to surf before (I can't remember where Maggie said that was). Then there was world peace because of macadamia nuts. I believe that's pretty much it. It's probably funnier if you were there. I think my favourite part was how Maggie just went along with the story without changing the way the characters talked or anything. Teal'c used split infinitives, abbreviations, and expressions like "Yeah, right" and "You blew it".

*takes a deep breath* I got a ring; 14 KT gold with a cris-cross diamond encrusted band and a pink amethyst heart in the center. It looks just like the one Daniel gives me/Artemis in my fan fic. It's my engagement ring, whatever you want to call it. I want people to know I'm taken, eternally devoted, all that good stuff. Um, so yeah, I don't care what people think.

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