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2005-07-24 - 3:42 a.m.

Forgot Because Of Daniel/Going About It Wrong

Well, I'm a tad miffed because Maggie and I meant to see the sneak preview of "Must Love Dogs" yesterday, but I was thinking so much about Daniel I forgot that there was only one showing, and Maggie wasn't thinking about it so much because she didn't care that much, so by the time we went to get the tickets, of course it was too late. I was pretty darn angry there for a while, but I'm better now, especially as I'm watching SG-1 right now. Anyway, I'd rather make a few mistakes like that than ever stop thinking about Daniel (not that that's even possible)

Alright. I lied. I'm going to just go ahead and talk politics every once in a while. My friend (I think of her as my friend), green-kiwis, has stated that the terrorists would have attacked Egypt and England without Bush's war. I'm sure she's right. It wouldn't have happened so soon, though, most likely, and possibly not to such a scale. I just feel Bush is going about things the wrong way. I know terrorists are a huge problem, have been for a while. We need to do something about it, of course, but I mean, we should be going in and directly taking these people, not bombing the places they may be hiding when those places are full of innocent civilians. I know it's not like we can just find them all easily, but I'm sure we could do it in a way that doesn't destroy so much which doesn't deserve to be. I also think we need to focus more on disbanding terrorists at the source, that is, shutting down the schools which breed them. If you want to get rid of termites, you have to destroy the nest. I'm not for a second suggesting that the young boys trained in these facilities should be harmed, but rescued from the brainwashing they're receiving. Again, obviously that won't be easy, and I think that some effort has been put forth already, but I really feel the efforts have been half hearted, and until we address this, there will always be terrorists. Again, I know none of these steps are as cut and dried as I'm making them sound, but I really feel it's the right path to take. If we keep going the way we are now, Iraq will be destroyed, literally, and we'll never see an end to the terrorists. Anyway, that's just how I feel about it. I guess I'm just sick of people dying, that being made worse by there being so little to show for so much bloodshed.

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