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2005-07-11 - 5:14 p.m.

The SG-1 Convention!

Well, needless to say I had a blast! I met Dan Shea (Siler), Peter Williams (Apophis), Gary Jones (Walter) Joel Goldsmith (who wrote the Atlantis main title and many other songs from that show and SG-1) Don Davis, Joe, Torri, Chris and Michael. Every one was totally awesome. Torri was wearing a groovy shirt with a Wiccan moon, Star of David and cross that spelled out "coexist". Gary did a comedy act that was hilarious. Don told some great stories and discussed the importance of not blaming the military for wars "The Military doesn't start wars," he said, "politicians do." That's something I certainly agree with. Don has a very grand fatherly quality to him, actually. So then Chris and Michael started a muffin fight at the breakfast party on the third day (which they got in trouble for :P) and were their general, outrageously silly selves that you always see on the DVD extras and stuff. I gave a letter to Michael as he signed my main autograph poster and we talked about that for a sec, and when he went to sign the poster I have of him and the SG-1 seasons 1 & 2 book I'd just gotten, it turned out, well, there's this paper that you mark off whom you've received autographs from, and you have to get more than one if you want more than one autograph. I only had one. I didn't know about the rule and I felt awful. Of course he still signed the other things. I said I was sorry and he's all "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." He also called me sweetheart as I left. ^_^
Meeting Joe was very cool in the sense that we could relate, since he's from California. We talked a lot about things around here.

I also bought (besides the main convention poster and the book) just about every picture of Daniel (some, quite unfortunately, I couldn't afford or were too big for my room) and a t-shirt that says "I've ascended. Have you?" on the front. I spent all my money but I'm certainly not complaining.

We've already bought tickets for next year.

You know, the really neat thing was the casual way about it. You'd see actors as you were getting off the elevator at the hotel; they'd be walking around the convention just looking at booths and stuff, and their "bodyguards" were friends and family members.
The thing is that the fans there are always respectful and really care about the people they admire, so there's not too much worry about any one trying to rush the stars and rip out their hair for souvenirs or any stupid thing like that Although this one girl did steal a coffee mug provided by the hotel that Michael had drunk out of and licked (don't ask), but that's a far cry from tearing someone's shirt off their back.

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