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2005-07-06 - 7:33 p.m.

Broken Record/Not Crazy/The Harpy!/Regarding Convention

Well, it occurred to me that I am quite the little broken record. *sighs* If any of you out there actually read my diary on a regular basis, you probably come here hoping to read something new, and I just have down the same old babbling about how I love Daniel more than God, or whatever. *sighs again* At any rate, I suppose I really have nothing to feel bad about. I mean, first and foremost, my diary is a place to write my thoughts, and my thoughts are pretty much consumed with Daniel.

Anyway, speaking of, I'm afraid this entry will be pretty much the same as the others. First off, what I said before about how I still don't know if I'm not crazy, well, I really don't think I am. I mean, I don't feel like I am. My heart is telling me I'm not (and I don't care if that sounds sappy). I know I say I'm insane and all, and I guess in some ways I am, but mostly it's just fun, since I think most people would certainly think I have a screw loose somewhere. Anyway, even if I actually am crazy for loving Daniel, I honestly do love him. So at least I'm not crazy in the sense that I just think I love him or anything like that.

Okay, you know who I don't love, in fact I'm close to despising her? Vala! Argh! She pisses me off! Grrr! She doesn't even care about Daniel! She just uses him! They call her an ally in the commercial for 9th season, but she only helps people if she can get something out of it herself. She's a lying, conniving harpy! Granted, I suppose it's possible she's changed, that she really cares about helping others and won't be manipulating Daniel the way she did, but I am certainly not holding my breath on that!

Oh! Okay! Ack! Eee! The day after tomorrow is the SG-1 convention!!!!! The first day falls on Daniel's birthday! ^_^ He's turning Forty (for anyone who's wondering). So, anyway, off the subject of Daniel's B-day, I wrote Michael a short but meaningful letter thanking him for bringing Daniel to life the way he has. I am beyond grateful to him, really.
Anyway, he's going to be there the last day. I'm wearing my blue flared jeans with the pretty pink flowers on them and my rainbow butterfly belt with that, my blue socks which have the man and woman kissing and say "True Love" on them my blue faux suede shoes, Of course, my Daniel shirt (which is blue), my blue jean button jacket (it has tons of pins on it of all sorts, and of course there's a Daniel button on there), and my cute blue gray 20s style hat with the pretty dark blue flowers on it. Now I want to tell you all the first and second outfits I'll be wearing: First, I have my camouflage cargo pants with my camouflage coloured belt, my 2004 SG-1 convention shirt, my Gumby and Pokey socks (they don't really have to do with the outfit, but anyway, they have a sort of militaryish green on them), my sand coloured hemp boots, and my green military jacket with the SG-1, Earth symbol, Air Force, and SG-1 Explorer Unit badges on it, and my camouflage bucket hat. Then the next day I'm wearing my SG-1 shirt that says "Another Week, Another Universe" on the back, my short pink skirt with the white flowers, my loose socks, my union jack combat boots, my Tweety shirt with the long pink sleeves (you won't see Tweety, it's just for the sleeves) my red and black arm warmers that scrunch down, and my navy blue newsboy hat with the red stripes on the top of it. Oh, and of course I'll be wearing fitting jewelry and makeup (I don't wear a lot of makeup, incidentally, I just really like the whole sparkly lips and eyes thing and whatnot). Well, I realise that none of this is of any importance to anyone (unless you're going to be at the convention, in which case: I'll see you there!), but I'm just really excited! Oh, Maggie and I've decided to order some cake or some such thing from room service on the 8th (see, I'm not so pathetic, she's doing it, too). ^_^ Man! I'm sooooo excited! I know I mentioned that already. Gosh, though! I mean, I was trying not to get too freaked about it, but now that it's so close all that excitement I had locked away is just bursting out!

Anyway, this will probably be my last entry until maybe the 13th or something.

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