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2005-06-11 - 5:19 p.m.

I'm not a kid!/Long time no entry/Jade/7th Chevron/Madagascar

Hmmm... a lot of people seem to think I'm just a kid and that I'll "outgrow" my "crush" on Daniel. Oh yeah, they also don't think he really exists. *sighs* I wish more of them would at least look at my birth date.

Anyway, long time no entry. I have been quite busy and have a lot to say. I hope I don't forget anything. Right. First off, Jade had to have yet another kidney stone removed (she'd gotten two already). She's fine now, but I sure missed her and worried about her while she was in the hospital (it was overnight). We have to give her food now that's specifically to prevent kidney stones, and nothing else. Her vet had recommended this diet food (which she doesn't like, but she ate it anyway, at least she likes this new stuff) because she was a bit chubby, and I guess sometimes that can be a factor in this sort of thing. Well, she lost weight, and she was still having the problem. So again, the vet put her on the new stuff. Actually, she got the operation in like the beginning of May. I'm sure why I didn't say about it 'till now.

Another thing I meant to mention a while ago: I figured out what was up with my supposed demotion on 7th Chevron; It turned out I was supposed to be a supreme moderator all along, but Harland accidentally made me an admin, and Sharp accidentally moved me to regular mod instead of supreme. You know, I was wondering why I'd become an admin and not Heather (Mrs. O'Neill). I figured it was because she hadn't been on as long, but she certainly contributes as much as I do. In fact, she posts more. Well, at any rate, I'm glad that's all cleared up.

I saw Madagascar on the twenty ninth. I've been looking forward to it for some time, before work on it had really begun, since I found out Ben voices a character in it. Alex is my favourite character too. He's such a cutie! If I met him I'd want to hug him, but he doesn't seem to like hugging. Maybe he wouldn't mind a girl *laughs*.
Anyway, he's also charmingly egotistical (a very difficult thing to pull off, but when it works, it's great) and a cat. Plus, as I said, Ben voices him, so there you go. There is a darling pillow toy of Alex at Warehouse. I plan to buy it when I get paid next.
As for my review of the movie itself, I love it! It is now one of my favourite films. I want to see it again in the theatre and I will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Speaking of Madagascar, I played the video game. It's unbelievably easy. The main boss was a complete pushover. I finished the whole thing in less than a day. Still, it is fun. I'm sure I'll play it again.

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