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2005-03-11 - 10:21 p.m.

Threads/Daniel (yet again)

Well, I'm sure the Pete-haters are happy.

I'm happy, for the most part, but damn it! Why did Jacob have to die? I mean, I would have felt bad if just Selmak died, but I didn't know her (I still think of Selmak as a she) as well!

Anyway, at least Anubis is out of the picture, for now. It seems I was way off on my speculations about that, but then, they were speculations. I tend to over-estimate what Oma can get away with. Still, I think for being totally off, my theory was interesting, and it could have been possible, if the writers decided to turn things that way, but then, the actual way really does make a lot more sense. It was definitely cool seeing Oma do what I'm sure she'd been wanting to for a while.

Oh, and I loved the part after Daniel re-took human form (and not just for obvious reasons).

Alright, I don't really need to say anything more about Daniel. Well, I do, but anyway, I know I've said I love him a zillion times, it seems, but I never get tired of saying it. At any rate, I was thinking how he can't stop Anubis. I mean, he's "just" human, and it got me to thinking, although I already knew this, if Daniel had no discernible abilities other than his good heart, I would still love him, but then, he has to be the way he is, you know, with the whole being able to learn pretty much every language fluently at the drop of a hat thing. Because if he wasn't, he wouldn't be Daniel. My feeling is that however you turn out, that's what you're meant for, who you are. That being said, though, again, just for argument's sake, if you will, if he couldn't do that (or, let's say, if he somehow lost that ability), as long as he was still Daniel, I mean, where it truly matters, his soul, obviously, I would still love him.

Man! I swear. This is not healthy, but he makes me so happy. Being in love with him makes me so happy. How can that be bad? I mean, I've been optimistic for a while, but I'm more happy with things, with myself, than I've ever been. So I don't have much of a life by most people's standards. I never really did, anyway. People always say, though, to be happy, get out, visit friends, stuff like that, but what if you can be happy without doing that stuff? I mean, the same thing doesn't make everyone happy. I swear, though. All I ever think about, for the most part, all I really care about, is Daniel. I do still function, however, I mean, when I need to. I maintain my hygiene, keep appointments, still visit relatives on holidays. I just never go out just to go out, not that I did much of that before. I've never been very social, as I've said, but now when I stay home all day, the only thing I want to do is watch SG-1, think about Daniel, write about Daniel, look at pictures of Daniel... My favourite song is All You Need is Love, partly because it's a Beatles song, but really because it reminds me of Daniel. That's my ring-tone, and my cell phone banner is: DANIEL IS LOVE, in capitals, yes. I've been eating more waffles, lately, because Daniel seems to like waffles a lot. I think they're something of a comfort food for him. I don't drink coffee, though. I've never really cared for actual coffee coffee, just cappuccinos and things like that, but all in all, I prefer tea. Anyway, then, of course, theres my diary, the fact that I sleep with a picture of Daniel under my pillow, keep a picture of him in my wallet where I can always see it when I go to pay for something, not to mention all my posters, and this all barely scratches the surface of how truly obsessed I am. So, yeah, what I'm trying to say is that my life basically revolves around Daniel, now. As far as I'm concerned, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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