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2005-02-28 - 5:34 p.m.

The Oscars/The Wonderful Dream!

Well, the Oscars were a letdown, yet again. Damn it! Leonardo Dicaprio deserved to win more than Jamie Fox! I'm sorry, but the man has paid his dues. They owe it to him! *sighs* At least Morgan Freeman won one. About time for that!

Anyway, oh my god! I had the most wonderful dream about probably two nights ago! Okay, there was some incidental stuff, and then I died and went to Heaven, and I meet Nightcrawler up there, and I'm thinking he's my soulmate. So at some point we go to visit this deity who's going to marry us, and he asks me if Kurt is who I'm really meant to be with, and then I look at him (Kurt, not the deity, which, incidentally, was a pyramid with a face), and I realise he isn't my soulmate at all. So I'm standing around a few minutes later, talking to this one girl (who maybe is Nightcrawler's soulmate), and I look beyond her to the door, and Daniel's standing there, and I just know, when I see him, that he's who I'm meant to be with. So I sort of excuse myself and move the girl away, and Daniel sees me, and I smile at him, and he tells me either he just got to Heaven, or he was in another area of Heaven and couldn't get to this part right away (I can't remember). Then I notice he's wearing his glasses, and he points out that I'm wearing mine, and I say it's probably that the nature of being a spirit, at least in my dream, your glasses just stay with you, and neither one of us thought about taking them off (I don't know why we could still see with our glasses on when we didn't need them, spirit eyes probably work differently than mortal eyes, and anyway, it was a dream). Then I took off his glasses, and he took off mine, and we tried each other's glasses on, and we were laughing cause we looked so funny, then we tossed the glasses, and were married. Then we kissed, and some other stuff happened that I don't care to go in to detail about on a publicly read online diary. You can imagine, though, how very happy I was when I awoke from this dream (except I wish it could have been longer). I don't know if dreams are connected to the soul, or simply the subconscious, but one way or another, that shows how very strongly I feel about Daniel. I never, in the entire time of being in love with Nightcrawler, ever had any dreams like that with him. I never dreamt he was my husband, lover, nothing. In fact, I actually had some dreams with him where my love for him was questioned, and here I am, not even in love with Daniel three months, and I dream he truly is my soulmate! Again, I don't know if you can actually tell the truth of these things from dreams, but really, I can't imagine how anyone could ever mean more to me than Daniel.

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