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2005-01-12 - 6:02 a.m.

Egyptology (The Book)/Abyss/MTF/The Changeling

Maggie got me this awesome book. Alright, I'm very into Ancient Egypt, have been for a while now. A majour dream of mine is to travel to Cairo on an expedition, discover amazing and priceless treasures. I can't explain why, exactly. Though I'm madly interested in history as a general rule, Egyptian history is far and away my passion. In fact, the very first thing that appealed Daniel to me was in Prisoners, when I found out he's an archeologist (and, obviously, Egyptology is a specific type of archeology). Anyway, so my sister got me this book called Egyptology. It's put together like a scrapbook, with notes on various findings of the "adventurer", information on different aspects of ancient Egyptian history, postcard maps and various other replica to enhance the scrapbook look. It's beyond cool. Maggie was going to give it to me for our birthday (April 19th) but she had a similar book she wanted to read, and there's no way she would have been able to just pretend that book (Dragonology) was for both of us or something for nearly three months. So, I got an early (and extremely kick booty) birthday present.

Moving on to my favourite subject: I just watched Abyss for the second time. Have I mentioned that I love Daniel? If I was in the SG-1 world, and Daniel was still ascended, I would want to ascend, as well, simply to be with him. I'm glad he's not, though. I mean, he can certainly do more now, when it all comes down. I can't believe how much I love him, though. It's insane. I'm obsessed! I'll tell myself I won't say how much I love him in all my entries from now on, but I just can't help it. I have to express my love for him over and over and over. I forget to mention other things going on in my life.

For instance: I saw Meet The Fockers a few days ago. It was very funny, and I will get it when it comes out on DVD, but especially to just have a "Meet The..." collection. I actually like MTP better. I also definitely love Phantom of The Opera better. I did like MTF better than The Polar Express, and possibly better, or as much as The Incredibles

As well, I've had a chip in my front tooth for a while now, and the dentist wanted to finish up any major work before she fixed that (btw, my dentist is named Dr. Bahl, pronounced "ball", I think you know where I'm going with this, if any place is a great atmosphere for those who love to torture, it's a dentist office, but Dr. Bahl is actually opposite of Ba'al, she's a total sweetheart, always making sure I'm comfortable and all that). Well, everything else has been worked on. That front tooth has been fixed up, and I'm smiling a lot more.

Okay, anyway, back to Daniel. The Changeling is next in Maggie's and Mine's watching all of SG-1 (except the bad and not as interesting episodes) over again adventure. I LOVE that episode. I've said before, it is my favourite, favourite episode. It's just so beautiful. It's like poetry, and of course Daniel is wonderful in it. That's a nother word that truly fits him, incidentally.

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