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2005-01-01 - 3:33 pm

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Happy New Year!
I've had a very eventful past couple of days. After having one of my teeth pulled on Friday, I and my sister went to see The Phantom of the Opera. I actually wanted to see Meet The Fockers more at first, but while I'm definitely still planning on seeing that, when we got to the theatre, I saw a poster for the former, and was thinking about the songs and just generally how cool it would be, so we saw that, and Maggie was happy because she wanted to see that more from the start. Anyway, everyone should see that. It kicks ass! I think people who've seen the play may appreciate it more, but anyone can enjoy it. There are some slight differences from the stage performance, but basically everything is exactly the same, exactly how I pictured it translating to the screen. Awesome! The casting was great, as well. Everything was great. I see Oscar nominations (Even actual Oscars) at least for scoring, costumes and set design.

On New Year's Eve we went to a gala at the Cultural Arts Center. There was a dinner, then Seussical The Musical, desert, champagne and we watched the ball drop on channel eleven from this big screen in front of the stage. It was very fun. There was a lollypop with a picture of The Cat in The Hat on the wrapper at our table during dinner, you know, since it was Dr. Seuss themed. Anyway, we were done eating, and I love those swirl lollypops. There was no reason for me not to take it, so I did. It's a very yummy lollypop, too. It's cherry flavoured, and gets yummier the more you lick it.

I was thinking about it, and I've decided that "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by The Everly Brothers is my theme song, at least as far as love goes. The words fit exactly how I am concerning a certain individual, and I think we all know who that individual is. (For those who haven't been to my diary before, or are unbelievably un-observant, I'm talking about Daniel Jackson of SG-1.)

Oh, also, I got some CDs a couple of days ago. Most used, but obviously they still work fine. I got three: Live: Mental Jewelry and Savage Garden: Affirmation, as well as their first album. I wanted to get Shania Twain's Up, but I didn't want to spend too much. I'd already decided to put back Yellow Submarine from the non used CDs, however I still got Let it Be...Naked. So, anyway, I get up to the checkout, and the cashier says they're having a buy three get the fourth free sale on used CDs, but of course the free one had to be as much or less than the lowest costing album you purchase. The lowest was $7.99, and so as I was running over to get "Up" I was all "Please let it be $7.99. Please let it be $7.99." Sure enough it was, and I'm very happy because I really was hoping to get the CD, and now of course, I have it. :)

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