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2004-12-30 - 12:03 a.m.

77,000/Stupid Ancients/"Good Looking"

Damn it! Seventy seven thousand people! Shit! That is nearly triple the population of the city I live in! As it is, fifty eight thousand was the full count of Americans who died in the Vietnam War, and that lasted fifteen years. I tried to change my homepage so I don't have to see the death toll every time I log on, but stupid Netzero won't let me.

Anyway, alright. I've been meaning to say about this: The Ancients suck! Granted, not all of them suck. That chick in Frozen was awesome. Of course, she wasn't ascended, but Oma's pretty cool (and I suspect has some slight power over the other Ancients, either that or is very good at keeping them from figuring out what she's up to), and I'm not sure if Orlin is actually an Ancient, but he kicks ass, of course, but generally they are extremely sucky. They never help anyone, and if someone else who's ascended wants to help somebody, they won't allow it. I mean, they destroyed an entire people, or would have if Oma hadn't helped them all ascend, and if you find it unbelievable that all of Abydos would be able to reach that level, then you don't know the Abydonians. At any rate, what I'm saying is, Daniel could have killed Anubis and saved all of Abydos, but the Ancients instead decided to stop him from defeating an evil, power hungry, tyrannical monster, and just about doomed the Abydonian people. Maggie was saying, since Klorel was removed from Skaara, it would be interesting to see him again. Well, I don't give a crap about Klorel. Honestly, he can rot for all I care. I miss Skaara, damn it! He was my favourite semi recurring character. I want him back. I want all of Abydos back where it belongs. It's possible.
Now for the arguments: One could say that if that didn't happen, Daniel couldn't have come back. Well, they could at least let him defeat Anubis and then had him descend, though he probably would have chosen to re-take human form anyway after the frustration he no doubt faced in not being able to help to help his friends as much as he could have. I don't know if he would have left had he actually been able to help them more, but I think the more he learned during his ascension, the more he would have realised where he really belonged. You could also say, well, if he hadn't been cast down as it were, and had his memory erased then (thanks to Oma) had it return to him in only a select way, he would still be lamenting Sha're, but I don't know, because again, what he learned (and then, of course, was made to forget) while he was ascended, probably led him to feel at peace with the whole situation anyway. As far as Anubis: Well, frankly I can't understand how he managed to get as far as he did with the whole ascension thing. Those damn Ancients need to get their priorities straight. At any rate, yes he was shunned (though not cast down, apparently to the Ancients, being evil is not as bad as attempting to save a people), and was ultimately incapacitated, but how bad would it have been for Daniel to stop him right then and there? Then the Abydonians wouldn't have had to die, never mind that they were able to ascend. That's not the point.

Speaking of Daniel: Maggie sooo does not actually love him. I think she thought she might have, but I'm pretty sure she realises she was wrong, and I would have known anyway. When she watches Daniel, her reactions, they are that of a gal who's crushing, not of one who is feeling real love. Granted, I will react in a similar, if not the same way in some instances. I mean, the one you love will make you giggle and sigh, after all, but if you were to observe us both, throughout any SG-1 episode (with Daniel in it, obviously), there would be no doubt how we each really feel about him. I think it is the most apparent for scenes such as, say, the one in Forever in a Day, which I mentioned in a previous entry. Maggie, quite apparently, remains on the "He's so damn hot!" mode of thinking, whereas when I watch him in the scene, well, I have already stated how I see him. Beautiful is the word. I use it often when referring to Daniel. It is probably not strong enough a description, but it sounds nice, and it's the best wording I have under the circumstances. Maggie was saying that after you see him again after not having the pleasure for a bit, you practically forget how "good looking" he is. Good looking? That's like saying Antarctica is a tad frosty! He's beautiful, plain and simple. Good looking is for catalogue models and first run senators, neither of which I tend to give a damn about. To refer to Daniel in such a way, why, it's practically insulting!

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