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Catching Up: Dylan/John's Book/AtU Stuff/Atlantis

Saturday and Sunday

Yes, I'm a liar, and I have sooo much catching up to do!

First off, I promised I'd discuss why Dylan is the coolest person on this earth:

1. He makes the mouth organ cool. Dylan plays the harmonica in just about every one of his songs, a novel musical instrument, generally relegated to the class of something you mess with to pass the time, like a yo-yo, and not everyone who messes with the things is much of an expert at playing them, if you catch my drift. Dylan, however, with his trusty harmonica rack in place for easy transition from singing or strumming the guitar, plays his mouth organ with such style, such, what I would venture to call; soul, that you can't help but feel the harmonica deserves a lot more respect.

2. Metaphors. They are lovely when used correctly. Dylan uses them exceptionally well, and he uses them a LOT. Very cool.

3. Dylan's cover of "House of the Rising Sun". In every other cover of this song performed by a guy, the line before "and God, I know I'm one", is sung as "It's been the ruin of many a poor boy", but Dylan sings it as "It's been the ruin of many a poor girl". This is genius, really. The metaphorical way about it is super, super cool.

4. Dylan has never been what one would call "handsome", yet he somehow has this great appeal, this charm, if you will. People want to be around him, because of that cool way, you know.

5. He's messed with the media. Everyone knows most interviewers don't really care about the people they're interviewing, they just want the scoop/ratings, and while Dylan's never minded the occasional interview with those who actually do care, and these days, he's more willing to play the game, as it were, even with the majority, which is understandable, like The Beatles, in his younger years, he'd often say things in a way that confused the press, or would plain make up things to confuse them. Very funny, and very cool.

So, there you are. That's not everything that makes him cool, really, but what one can pinpoint, if you will.

So, now, I must talk about "In His Own Write". Someone had an original 9th printing 1965 edition on eBay, and the spine isn't in the best shape, but the binding isn't too bad. I just don't open it very wide when I read it. Man, though, I'd rather have an original copy of the book that's not in the best shape than a remake, as it were, copy, you know. Now I just have to find "A Spaniard in the Works. Oh, and this is interesting. On the first page of the book is written "Sincerly, John Lennon". It actually says "sincerly", not "sincerely", just to clarify. I don't know what to think about this. It's in pncil, and it does look like John's handwriting, but I quite doubt it is. I mean, the likelihood of that. I'll probably never have it authenticated, though, because I like the idea that it could be his writing, however unlikely that is. Man, though, John had the best sense of humour.

So, I've seen AtU 21 and a half times now. The movie became unavailable to watch online before I had the chance to watch the second half. Rather frustrating, but at least I have the YouTube videos, though I'm really missing Maxie's freckles! These are going to be the longest couple of weeks of my life!!! I pre-ordered the exclusive three disc edition from FYE. The only way to go fr a true fan.
At any rate, I made a playlist for all my favourite numbers in order of when they appear in the movie: My channel is here I love it! I have videos uploaded and everything. Unfortunately at the moment, I can only have slide show, but that will change after I get the DVD. I don't have a DVR drive, but I'll be getting a portable one, and plan to make a number of actual video videos, you know: Max based-"Watching the Wheels", Max and Jude based-"Crash and Burn" (and I will have to emphasise that it's a friendship video, not a slash video), Lucy based-"Make Some Noise", and Jo-Jo and Sadie based "Got to Get You Into My Life". I may get other ideas later, but for now, I can totally see all the videos in my head, you know, and they're going to be great!

Speaking of great... Check this out. Man, I would love to get those! Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to spare at the moment. I have to say, I would so wear the pants! I mean, I'd put them on, you know. I couldn't wear them out. They'd be way too long on me and about three inches, too wide. Joe is skinny, though. I mean, I knew that, but boy! I have to say, though, Maxie is also skinny, of course, and I mean, he's the same dimensions, if you will, as Joe, so now I know Maxie's waist size! ^_^
I find it funny that they say Max wore those pants, though. I mean, technically, those particular pants were worn by Joe while filming AtU, and yes, he was portraying Max at the time, and I'm sure that's what they mean, but it still sounds odd, you know.

Oh, man! I almost forgot! I wanted to talk about Atlantis! The whole thing that happened with Dex and Dr. Keller. Man, that was so cool! I swear, though, I felt my shipper senses tingling even before you definitely saw anything. I don't know how I never thought about it, but they make such a lovely couple!

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