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TDL/B&N Books/Dylan on GoE


So, TDL (that's what I've taken to calling "The Darjeeling Limited") is my second favourite movie now, and I know I said "Chicken Little" would continue to be my second favourite, as well, but yeah, I was wrong about that. "Chicken Little" is now my third favourite movie. I can't help it! TDL is so wonderful! I mean, of course it will never reach the status in my heart of AtU, but it definitely is high up there, considering it's now my second favourite movie. I've seen it twice now, and I'll be watching it again in a moment here. Then, of course, I'll be watching it again, and again... I actually want Maggie to watch it with me the fourth time I see it. I mean, she still hasn't seen it at all.

Oh, I have to say about the super awesome stuff I'm getting from Barnes & Noble!!! Okay, first off, the second thing, which I paid a little over ten dollars for including shipping. It's the "Egyptian Book of the Dead", translated, of course, in a beautiful tome embossed with an image of a scarab with a jewel (I'm sure it's just plastic, but still, it's very nice looking from what I can tell, and it got great feedback, as it were, so, yeah). I actually saw it at Borders a while back but didn't have the money. I got a B&N gift certificate from Marra, and while there are none near where I live, as I implied, I just got stuff online, and shipping made it so I couldn't get as much, but yeah, both things I got are worth the overall price I paid anyway (the certificate was for twenty five dollars, incidentally, and I spent a dollar twenty over that), so it's no biggie. I tell you, though hooray for the bargain section. You can find some awesome stuff there! You have to be quick, though. Supplies can be super limited. I bought both books separately, settling for not getting the maybe couple dollars off shipping for combining items because I swear, one item I considered buying, I saw it, and I didn't know for sure if I wanted it, and I went back after a couple hours doing other things, and it was sold out! So, yeah, anyway, there wasn't anything else I wanted that would have been only a couple of dollars, where I didn't have to pay all of the shipping out of pocket.
So, anyway, along there, the first thing I bought. I actually looked up "history" to find the first book, but with this one, I was just browsing, and on the second page... I found... The Bob Dylan scrapbook! Ahh! Yeah! I know! It has pictures, and reprints of letters, and just all this stuff dealing with his life from I think from 55 to 66, and of course it was put together with his help. Man! I am probably the most excited about this! I am so glad it was there, not sold out or anything! I mean, I'm really glad about the other book, too, but yeah (oh, and of course this book also got great reviews).

You know, I seriously need to put Dylan on my GoE list.

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