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03/12/2007 - 5:15 a.m. to 6:42 a.m.

Aunt Jan And Justin/Bee Movie/Portabella Mushrooms/My Friend/Weekiversay Tomorrow/Shirt Picture


My Aunt Jan and my cousin Justin visited Friday. Maggie went with them and our Mum to the Gene Autry museum. I didn't go because I was sick. I at least got to say hello and goodbye to them, and they'll be visiting again next year. I hadn't seen Justin in a while, though. He wasn't able to come up the last few times Aunt Jan visited. I have another cousin, as well, Josh, who wasn't able to come up. Iím not sure why. He was probably just busy with various things. Josh is 21. I don't think he lives at home anymore. He may be in college, actually. Justin is 17. It was interesting seeing him now. The last time I saw him he was like 12! It was mostly just really cool seeing him again, though, of course. Hopefully I'll be able to visit Josh again next time, or fairly soon, at any rate.

Anyway, Saturday I went with Maggie's and my friend Becky to see "Bee Movie". I thought it was really cute, but I didn't love it, and it did have one real problem, there is a reference to the "Goo go ga joob" bit in "I Am The Walrus", and the person says Koo koo ca choo! Argh! That is a major pet peeve of mine! Why do so many people think it says that?! *sighs* Anyway, there were a couple other Beatles related things: The bees kept saying about hoping others are "beeish", and I would not be surprised if that's a reference to when the blue meanies ask if the Beatles are "bluish". As well, Sheryl Crow sings a version of "Here Come the Sun" that is so sweet and somehow totally moving. I'm getting the soundtrack just so I can have the song because it isn't available for download anywhere. I've only found it on YouTube. Off the Beatles thing but still on "Bee Movie". I also think it's cool that Matthew Broderick does a voice in there. I didn't even know that, and I like him a lot.

Alright, I have decided my other favourite food besides catfish, portabella mushrooms. My God those things are heavenly! Every time I go to Carl's Jr. now I get that Portobello mushroom Swiss burger, but without meat or onions, on sourdough, and I add guacamole to it. It is the absolute best sandwich I've ever tasted, I tell you what.
Today we're going shopping and I plan to get some portobellos at Vons.

Moving on: I have a friend from the James board named Joe Huggins. I love his first name, of course (my favourite names are Maxwell-Max, John, Joseph-Joe, James, Adam and Edward), and his last name is super awesome to me, as well. I love giving hugs! At any rate, he's seen AtU, and he loves it! Actually that's not surprising. I mean, he must have great taste. He's a fan of James!

So, I should wait to mention this, but oh, well: Tomorrow I'll have been in love with Max for one month and two week, or six weeks! I know! It's so exciting! Well, it's exciting to me.

I love that shirt I got. I like wearing my favourite scarf with it to cover the one picture I don't like at all (from "I Want You") The super awesome thing, though, is that my favourite picture on the shirt is right at the top and in the middle. It's a bit from the scene where Max and Jude meet Sadie. He's smiling a bit in it, and you can see his adorable "mouse teeth" (that's what I call it when a person's top front teeth are noticeably longer than the rest of their teeth). You can also see the blue in his eyes really well, plus one of his ears. Unfortunately his freckles don't show up, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I love looking at the picture, though, and I'm constantly looking at it when Iím wearing the shirt. People around me are probably wondering why I keep staring at my breasts! I tell you what, too, of course Maxie looks just as beautiful upside down!

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