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28/11/2007 - 8:40 a.m. to 9:06 a.m.

Thanksgiving/Rant/Chowder/GoE And Such/Max Shirt


So, I have a couple things I need to catch up on. First off, Thanksgiving was nice. We had dinner at Adam's sister's (Adam is Marra's fiancé; Marra is Wendy, Mum's life-partner's daughter, and incidentally, Adam is like my fourth favourite name, he's a really nice guy, too, of course, I mean, not that every guy named Adam is a nice guy, but I mean, Marra wouldn't marry a jerk). It was fun, and the food was great. The only problem is that the hor’dourves made me sick, so, yeah, I didn’t get to actually eat with everyone else, but it was okay. Also, Marra made this delicious Pumpkin pie. Not quite as good as Grandma Bither's, but still quite yummy. I had two pieces. There was also delicious cake (I'm not sure who made that) since there was something of a birthday party for Marra as her birthday was, at the time, two days away. As for regular food, there was the typical stuffing (not in the turkey, otherwise I couldn't eat it), mashed potatoes (which were a little dry, to be honest), sweet potatoes, and delicious cranberry sauce that Wendy made. My favourite was, as always, the green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, in that order.
Oh, I forgot to say. Adam has these three little nephews, Charlie, Jack, and Henry. They're all darling. Charlie is definitely the friendliest. He's the oldest. I think he's like four or five, Jack is like two or three, and Henry is a few months old.

Now, I have to say, for all I've said about the great food, people, and such during Thanksgiving, the holiday itself is a bit of a joke., especially lately. I mean, yes, the Pilgrims turned around and screwed my ancestors in the ass after they helped the rest of those idiots figure out the obvious ways they could keep any more of them from dying off, but at least in the past, the emphasis was on the fact that the Indians helped them, but now it's all "Let's honour the Pilgrims!" For what?! Okay, they were escaping religious persecution. I respect that, but then they couldn't even survive a few months. There were like ten of them left by the time Squanto got to them, and thank God for their sakes (and for the sakes of anyone related to the Pilgrims, of course) he got there when he did. So, yeah, and anytime the actual first Thanksgiving meal is mentioned, they merely say the American Indians and Pilgrims enjoyed the meal together, or they just haphasardly mention that they shared a bit of food with them, like they would have been able to get along without the Indians' help.

That leads me to another, related topic. It is so pathetic, this whole white conservative Christianified way things have gotten lately. Too much political correctness can be bothersome, but not enough is even worse! It started with Wal*Mart only including Christmas in their holiday advertisements, and it's snowballed from there. The Pilgrim thing is just the latest transgression, and it isn't just holidays, either. I mean, there's all this crap in commercials about women being the ones who always stay home, while the dad goes to his office job, and it's a good thing he does, too, because he's obviously too incompetent when it comes to housework (and yes, I'm being sarcastic), and don't even try to find an interracial couple portrayed on television these days (or a situation that doesn't make it seem like the ethnic persons in the commercial aren't added as an afterthought), let alone a girl playing with anything but dolls. There's this catch game that lets you know when the ball is coming toward you (and that's another thing, all this laziness, a cone that turns itself? Brother; and you can't even eat it), as if you can't just watch for the ball, but I digress. The point is that the voice-over person says something about man always having a fascination with the game of catch, and normally I wouldn't mind that, as a lot of times, "Man" is in reference to "mankind", as in another name for the human race, not meant to literally mean only men, but in this case, it obviously does mean that, because there are no girls in the commercial, as if they don't enjoy playing catch. I certainly enjoyed playing it when I was a kid, still do. Yeah, actually, Wal*Mart didn't start it, but I think they may have made things worse. The media and such isn't as nervous about offending people, because if Wal*Mart can get away with it, then they can. Of course, Wal*Mart can get away with anything since people have no choice but to shop there, but I don't know. Maybe that was just a sign that things would be getting worse anyway. Whatever the case, I am really sick of all of this shit. What happened to the ideals started in the 60s and emphasised in the 70s? The idea that it was okay for boys to play with dolls, and girls to want to bring home the bacon, as it were. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the woman staying home and keeping house while the man goes off to a salary job, but there shouldn't be this idea that it can't be any other way.

On a much more positive notes, I think like four weeks ago, the premiere of an extremely kick booty new cartoon was on. I meant to mention about it then, but yeah, I wasn't able to get around to it until now. Yeah, though, "Chowder" is the show I'm talking about. It's on Fridays on Cartoon Network. I think it's my new favourite show. Chowder is definitely my favourite. He's a chubby little kid who's evidently part cat, part bear and part bunny. I love his voice, too! Yeah, the show centers around food, and all the characters have food related names. Every episode has at least one scene that's totally funny and imitate-able, like a funny quote, you know. C.H. Greenblatt is the creator. He's also worked on SpongeBob and Billy and Mandy.

I put him on my GoE list. I also put Julie and Joe on there.

Joe, man, I have such an incredible amount of respect for me, way more than I ever have for Michael, and not just because he allows me to see my love. He just, the way he is about things, how he thinks about things. I mean, he's really into making a difference, you know, the main thing that to me is totally awesome, he's a major supporter of gay rights.

Yeah, there are three people who have ever been on this particular earth who I just admire and respect above everyone else: Joe is one, James is one, and John is one. I super respect quite a number of people, and a person already has to really be something for me to put them on my GoE list (which reminds me, I have to make a memoriam list), and Joe and James are even higher than everyone else, though people like Paul, John, Clive and Steve are higher than everyone else besides them. It actually says on there that there's no order, but that's not totally true, plus some of the stuff is a tad dated. I definitely have to edit it soon.

I got my Max shirt! Problem was, I ordered a youth medium (yes, I'm quite petite), and he sent me an adult medium, which is like a tent on me, so I explained the situation, and they said to send the shirt back, then they'd me the right size, but get this: They sent me the shirt before I sent the other one back! Yeah, and of course the one they sent is just right. I'm obviously sending the other one back, but that is super cool that they just sent the other one. I am so giving them positive feedback.

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