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11/11/2007 - 10:40 p.m. to 11:27 p.m.

Veterans Day/The Draft/James

So, today was Veterans Day. There are at least three veterans who are important to me, possibly four (I can't remember if James ever actually fought in a war, and I actually have to say more about James later). So, the three definite people: My grandpa on my Mum's side (my only surviving grandpa (the other one was a veteran, as well, actually). He fought in World War II, and possibly the Korean War. Things were reasonably smooth for him. Nothing too traumatic. No permanent injuries, if any at all, and yeah, that war at least was, for a war, noble.

Then we have my dad, who was a Sea Bee in the Vietnam war. He enlisted, but was essentially tricked into going to that piece of shit useless war. So, anyway, as a Sea Bee, he wasn't actually involved in on field combat, as it were, but he did see his share of "action".

So, last but not least, of course, there's Max, who obviously fought in the same Iraq War Part I that my dad fought in (albeit in an alternate, more recent time frame).

There are actually a few parallels to Max and my dad's war experiences.
Obviously they both fought in the same war, essentially. They both sustained injuries requiring they be relieved of their fighting "duties" (though Dad's was more permanent; his left leg was splintered up by shrapnel and he now requires a cane to walk), and they both were in a position where if they'd had a few more seconds, they could have saved a friend. Oh, and of course both Max and my dad were a bit messed up for a bit after. Yeah, you can say that about everyone who went through what they went through, and much of that other stuff applies, but yeah, I'm just saying.

God, you know, though. How fucked up was the draft? Okay, I've been trying not to say the "F" so much, but that what it was. Okay, here you have some smart kid, who know the Vietnam War is a joke, a scapegoat and everything else, and he doesn't enlist because he doesn't want to get shoved headfirst into that crock of shit (and this is no disrespect to those who did choose to fight in that war; they were just doing what they thought was right, and many of them came in to it before they realised what a hopeless mess it was, and when it almost seemed as though there might be a reason for it), then they get forced into having to fight for their lives at something that is just so completely messed up, and they're just wondering what the hell the point is. Yeah, a few guys were excused for fighting. There were tricks that actually worked, but I will say one thing more about that, for the most part, those excused have names like "Dan Quayle" and "Bush Jr."
Well, I can say for those who fought, even if most of them didn't want to (again, quite understandably), while they may not have been heroes in the traditional sense, the fact that many of those soldiers managed to get through that crap and be okay in the long run is quite noble, and those who were trying to do something with the chaos, trying to help things somehow, when things were still in the early stages, or a few sorry hopefuls. Yes, I say such a thing, but indeed, itís all commendable, even though the war most certainly was not

So, okay, enough of that. I was saying I have to talk about James. I was saying a couple of entries back that I wasn't sure his music is comparable to any Beatle's solo work. Well, it is. It may even be comparable to some of the actual Beatles stuff. I will not apologise for thinking that, either. James is an incredible artist, and people do not give him enough credit.

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