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04/11/2007 - 5:25 p.m. to 7:27 p.m.

More On Max's Smile/His Eyes/His Hair


I meant to mention about Max's dimples before. *sighs*
I used to not like those line type dimples like Max has, and then it turned out a bunch of people I like have dimples like that, and now I don't like the "baby" dimples quite so much. I mean, they're fine, but I don't like as many people with them. In fact, the only person I like who has those is Jonas, and I'm not even super big on him. I mean, he's very cool, but yeah.
Max has the line dimples, so there you go.

God, though, yeah, man, he has the most incredible smile. People always say when they love someone, how the person they love, when they smile, their eyes shine, but my God, it isn't just love talking when I say his eyes shine. Even before I fell in love with him I saw that. You can not know a more genuine expression of happiness than when you see Max smiling, really happy, like in that one scene with "Hey Jude". God, that is my absolute favourite moment in the film. I swear. Yeah, he also has this grin sort of thing he does, and that's adorable, as well. Any way he is, his eyes are expressing how he feels. My God, I don't believe I've ever known anyone with more expressive eyes. It's incredible.

You know, I actually used to not like guys with blond hair. It got to be where I just wasn't as likely to be attracted to guys with blond hair, but for a bit there, it was actually a turnoff! Even when I started not minding when guys had light hair, I still was not real big on super light hair, but I was at the point where I could be attracted to them, it didn't annoy me that much, but it was still like, you know, I excused it, but I didn't like it. Now, of course, I'm way past that, but I'd still never been in love with anyone with truly blond hair until Max. In fact, for the most part, I only loved people with very dark hair, and I didn't get crushes on that many people with very light hair, either. I never had a crush on Max, of course, but yeah. So, my point is, Maxie has blond hair, not blondish-brown, or merely light brown, but blond, and I'm obviously way past not liking when a guy I like has blonde hair or anything of that sort, but still, yeah, it's interesting to me, this being the first time I've ever really had more than an attraction for someone with totally blond hair, as far as I can remember, where I got a crush on them, or fell in love. So, yeah, I've never had a crush on anyone with totally blond hair, but yeah. I really love Max's hair, obviously.

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