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20/10/2007 - 3:29 a.m. to 4:38 a.m.

SciFi Fridays And Shippiness/Joe Interview And The Whole AtU Experience, As It Were

Right. I was somewhat depressed. I'm getting better now, and I'll explain about that soon, but first I have to talk about SciFi Friday, which deals with why I'm depressed.

First off, Flash, which was not depressing. There was more shippiness with Flash and Dale . *smiles* Dale asked him between this other chick and her (I can't remember who she was talking about, it doesn't seem like it was Aura, though it could have been, I had shipper stars dancing in my ears and eyes at the time so I was having a bit of trouble hearing or seeing anything but the the love Flash and Dale so obviously have for each other, which they know they have, as well, so they just need to admit it to themselves), who was the better kisser. Well, Flash never did give direct answer, but he was going to, and Dale said she already knew who he was going to say, and she had this sort of smile, like she really did, you know. *sighs* Gotta love the shippiness!

Speaking more on shippiness. In Atlantis there were a couple of shippy scenes, one near the beginning, and closer to the end, it was even more, because of the situation, and, yeah, I have to move off from that coolness and talk about the depressing thing. Okay, *sighs in a bad way* Kate died! God! I know! Total crap! She was really cool (well, I'm sure she's cool in heaven, as well, but still), and had been a part of Atlantis for a fair bit. I remember when she first came on. She seemed pretty cool to me. The main thing I noticed about her is that she had the same sort of accent, if you will, as Dr. Weir. After that, she quickly became one of my favourite secondary characters, and while I may not have ever thought of her as quite a good friend as the main people, I still definitely did consider her one, and not merely an acquaintance, and now she's gone. I mean, perhaps there's a way for her to come back, but I don't know. If she's supposed to be gone for good, there really is nothing anyone can do about it except remember her fondly, and know she's doing well in heaven.

Okay, so yeah. Why I'm happy. Observe. Ahhh! Okay, yeah, he is so not like Michael. I mean, okay, yeah, I am definitely attracted to Joe. I mean, I'm more attracted to Max, but still. Yeah, Joe is definitely a cutie. I've been getting to where I want to be completely involved in anything with AtU, not just the movie itself, the songs and the characters, but the actors and like that, you know. I mean, it's like with SG-1, where my main thing is the movie, the persons in there, you know, but then I super appreciate the actors, because without them, I couldn't see my total friends, you know.

Yeah, I have decided that I need therapy, but I'll say more about that in another entry.

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