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13/10/2007 - 10:44 p.m. to 9:50 p.m.

More on seeing AtU and Max

Saturday and Sunday So, take a wild guess as to what I saw today, twice. Yep. God, I LOVE that movie, especially Max. He is definitely my favourite thing about it overall I know I've basically said that, but yeah). I would have hated that movie if something permanently bad happened to him, but nothing did. That being said, even though I would have loved Max still, of course, if the rest of the movie overall wasn't awesome, I still wouldn't love it. So it works both ways, but Max is still my favourite thing about the movie, he and the end is, my God. I always get this incredible rush (So, yeah, it's the next day now, as Maggie had to do some suff online, which took a bit, and I got some cocoa, and I think was checking out another site real quick or some such thing) of emotion. I've watched plenty of movies that gave me a really happy feeling, but never anything like this, not even with other love stories. Oh, and get this, okay, the coolest thing, the second to last time I saw AtU it made me high! I swear. You know that very light sort of feeling? Well, you know, you can really only know what I'm talking about if you've been high. It's not something I can really explain. Yeah, though. It was awesome,. I hope it happens again. (Incidentally, the second time I saw it, we snuck in, that may seem bad, but we had very little money, and I think we've contributed enough to the theatre where it's not so bad, or maybe not. Either way, we did it, and we'll likely do it again, strictly out of necessity, of course, I really don't think the theatre is at a loss with all the 8 buck popcorn they're selling.)
Oh, I've been meaning to say, my order of favourites has changed. Prudence is actually second to last. It's Max (obviously), Jude Lucy and Jo-Jo pretty well the same, except perhaps Lucy just a little more since I got her on the selector (and I actually have more to say about that), and of course Prudence then Sadie rounding things out.
As for the selector. It actually turns out that I'm the second most like Max. I was thinking Jude gets frustrated easily, but he really doesn't, so I took him off as counting for that, and yeah, it ended up that I'm second most like Max as far as that goes. I have to say here that as I was talking about my favourites order, I had woken up from a nap, so that's the time thing, and I mentioned already the next day had come while I was typing. I take forever to do things, so, yeah.
I wanted to go back to when we last saw the movie. First off, the second time I went in to the theatre, they have these commercials like before the previews and all actually start, and there's this Coke commercial they play, well, I walked in on there the first time going into the theatre, and the second time I came in at the exact same spot. It was definitely a dejavou sort of moment. We sat up in this area right above where you come in. It's awesome because it's away from the other movie goers, so you can't really hear if people are talking, and there's this counter thing you can rest against. I want to sit there every time I go to the movies.

Oh, my goodness! I had an awesome dream! Okay, I don't know if there was more to it than what I remember, but this is what I know happened in the dream: I walked into this warehouse. I guess it must have been one of those taxi depots, and you'll know why I figure that in a moment. So, there were a line of garage doors, you know, and one of them opened, and Max was there! I ran over and gave him a hug. It was way cool. I definitely think about him in dream form the way I think about him consciously, you know. I got the very strong impression that I was probably with Daniel, and Max was a good friend. I love the idea of giving him a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, and hanging out with him and the others in the AtU group, along with Daniel and the others in the Stargate group, but mostly Daniel, and secondly Max, but yeah, not nearly as much, of course, but that's not my point. The dream kicked booty, is my point. I love that the majority of my dreams are like that, were I'm meeting and talking to people in things I'm into. I love that I'm good at judging how people would be next to me, you know, which makes it easier to have those sorts of dreams. One of the most common sorts of dreams I have, and my favourite sort of dream.

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