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06/09/2007 - 8:25 p.m.

Borders and Such/Soul-Mates/Kids/They Can't Understand


I went to Borders Tuesday.
I got a "Chicken Little" book that's a "Where's Waldo" sort of deal. A kid's book, yes, but it was only $1.99, and I love those sort of books like the ones I loved as a kid, plus "Chicken Little" is my favourite movie, so, yeah.

I also got the Stargate magazine commemorating the ten years of SG-1.

There are a few pictures of my Daniel in there; my favourites are one where he fell asleep reading, (from "Memento Mori", I believe) and especially one where he's talking to Vala in "The Shroud". I just adore his expression in that picture. I have many images of him on my wall, and my favourite is one where he has the same expression. I won't always love a picture where he has that expression the best, but I do really love it. I don't know. There's just something about it.

At any rate, there's also a quiz in there, and two of the questions, the answers are wrong! I know SG-1 better than the magazine! Okay, the first one asks when Daniel and Vala first kiss. The way they word it, I was thinking they probably meant "Unending", or that they wanted it to seem like they meant that, and then, really, the answer would be "Prometheus Unbound", but it was "Unending"! I put that and "Prometheus Unbound", just in case, so by their standards, I got the answer correct, but yeah, they're actually wrong obviously, because it is "Prometheus Unbound".
The other one was a true or false situation, that Chris and Amanda are the only two SG-1 actors to stay with the show the whole time. Even if you're only considering those who portray members of the team, which, to be fair, is the definite implication of the exact wording, Amanda was not in the show for the entire time. She left for a bit to have her baby and all. Yes, it was indeed temporary. She knew she would come back, but that's not what they were saying. So, yeah, technically, this one is wrong, as well. *sighs* I'm thinking about saying something, actually, but I probably won't get around to it. Someone else will say something, at least, I'm sure.

Oh, speaking of "Unending", I watched it recently. I really love that episode, but it reminds me of "Cold Lazarus" (which I actually love more), in the sense that it's very emotional, and not easy to just casually watch, so I actually don't feel like seeing it that often. I also get a bit teary eyed at the end of it. I mean, I'm glad they're still going on missions and all, of course, but it's the very last episode! As well, I have to watch it on tape right now (I so can hardly wait to get the season 10 DVDs), and for one thing, it's rather frustrationg that the video quality isn't great, but then we taped this "Thank for ten years, 'Stargate Sg-1" thing, which I have to watch, and which gets me even more emotional! I still won't watch the episode all the time when I get the DVDs, though, as even without that, as I previously stated, it's still a bit heavy in too much of it to be one I feel like watching a fair bit.

At any rate, I want to go back to the Borders talk real quick to say about our coffee "adventure".
Well, first off, we ordered the maple mocha coffee, and we wanted it blended, but Maggie forgot to say that, and I wasn't thinking about it, either. Actually, neither of us were thinking about the fact that the coffee also comes in a hot version, so, it was evening, and not particularly cold, but still, I understand why the gal serving us assumed we meant hot. So, when we got the drinks, we explained the mistake and apologised, and the gal made us the blendeds, which usually cost more, but she didn't charge us extra! She was really cool about it, and of course we gave her a nice tip. Oh, also, I can't eat nuts, and I wasn't thinking, and meant to order the lemon cake (I wanted a lemon bar but there was only one left, and Maggie called it first, but I got most of it anyway, as I'm about to explain), but ordered the banana bread instead. That was no problem, though, as I got a bit of the edge of the banana bread, and Maggie got some of the lemon bar, but we traded actually, and Maggie was understanding.
As well, Dad was with us, and he spilled his coffee, but it all got cleaned up fine, and we asked a person to help us as far as the floor was sticky and all, and that worked out well. So, yeah. It was a fun time.

You know, I was saying before about how Jack and Audrey are soul-mates, well, Michelle and Tony are also soul-mates. So much, I swear. All the episodes where either of them are in trouble, and the way the other one is, I so know what they're dealing with. I mean, that helpless feeling. I mean, when you're in love, but especially talking about soul-mate love... Yeah, though, they have it.

As far as my true love: I've been meaning to say for a while, about how I don't want kids, and I like thinking about the fact that if I could be with Daniel now, I know he wouldn't mind one way or another, and about how I like thinking that it probably would be not that easy for him to get me pregnant anyway, you know, all that stuff, well, if it were, we'd work it out, of course, and, more importantly, if he decided he really wanted a kid, or kids (and I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to adopt, even if that wasn't his only option), even though I don't want even one, I would have kids with him, adopted kids with him, whatever. I would be fine with that. I would love our kids (not as much as him, of course, but still), and I would be as involved in raising them as he was. I mean, we'd both be really involved wit caring for our children, you know, but still making time for each other. Yeah, I am glad I don't have to worry about that. I mean, I'm glad he doesn't care about having kids, but it's important for me to say that if being with him meant I had to raise a child with him, I would have no problem with that.

I got another person telling me they love Daniel, too. It's funny. They always think they can relate to my situation. No other Daniel fan can possibly understand how I feel in respect to Daniel specifically; if they, too, have found their soul-mate, they can understand what that's like, but even then, I imagine it's difficult for most people to understand I feel that same way about Daniel that they do for their true love, because theirs is tangible to them, you know, but it's really no different, and yeah, there is no way I can get anyone to fully understand what my Daniel means to me, that I'm not just another Daniel fan.

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