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18/08/2007 - 12:11 a.m.

MM Surprise/MegaSnake: Michael and Feedback/WWTBAS?/HSM2/New Cartoon/Flash Gordon


"Memento Mori" was on at 7:00 p.m.! It was a total surprise! ^_^

Also, Michael is going to be in the new SCiFi original movie, "MegaSnake"! I wouldn't necessarily watch it if he wasn't in it; I mean, those movies tend to not be that great, but hey, they can be campy fun, you know, and no matter what, I like to watch everything I can that Michael is in at least once. I will say among the few people whove already seen this, its rather well received, so, you never know. There have been one or two hits before.

Another awesome thing about "MegaSnake", Feedback is in it! You know, the actor, his real name is Matthew Atherton, well, that's his "secret identity". *winks, then grins a bit*. Here I am referring to the first installment of the best reality show on television, "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" I'll talk more on that later, though. Enough with the digressing, that is so sweet that the first winner of my favourite reality series (pretty well the only one I make a point to watch) is in the movie, as well as Michael. I mean, that just adds an extra little bit of coolness.

Speaking more on "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?", the new installment has been quite interesting so far, just like the first one. My favourite person so far is definitely Whip-Snap. I really hope she wins, or at least goes far. She deserves it more than anyone, as far as I can see.

The world premiere of "High School Musical 2" was also on yesterday (according to the very odd time classification thing, it really should be tonight by my logic). That was very cool. It had a different feel from the original, more true musical numbers, and only two stage numbers. I love the scene with "Bet On It", and the one with "I Don't Dance". I still think it should have been called something like "School's Out", or "A Summer Musical", or some such thing, though, like you know, it would say "High School Musical 2, colon, then the other name. Well, that of course didn't stop the movie from kicking.

Oh, and there was a premiere episode of this way awesome cartoon on Disney Channel called "Fineus and Ferb". Yeah, this show is awesome, especially with Perry the Platypus. *singing: Dobedobedobedobe, hes Perry the Platypus!* *laughs*

So, the new "Flash Gordon". How kick ass of a show is this? I am so into it! I have a reason to watch SciFi late Friday night again (I haven't been watching "Doctor Who" because I hate seeing him with another companion, especially another girl companion; I mean, I know nothing will happen, but still, any chick who's with him should be Rose)! So, yeah, I loved "Flash Gordon" from the first episode, which I should have mentioned, but oh, well. My favourite person on there is definitely Flash. He has this very charming sort of way about him. I love his eyes. They're quite expressive (of course, I don't love them as much as I love my angel's eyes, but I suppose that goes without saying).

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