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19/05/2007 - 6:32 a.m.

"Bad Guys"/Still Daniel/Belated Birthday Lunch/Shows/Dream/Maggie's Anniversary

Okay, "Bad Guys", except for the last part, all that stuff with that Quartus guy was rather annoying, actually, but most of the time it wasn't that much, so, overall... Ahhh! Gah! This episode is so cool! I love the part where Daniel's all "But if you get cute, there's gonna be killin', and whatnot." *laughs* I also love the part when he yells at those girls. I do not blame him. Hell, I probably would have slapped them! Of course, I'm a girl, too, so. Daniel would never hit a woman unless he were provoked, but I'm sure he wanted to. I thought it was rather endearing when he said they were trapped, and Vala was saying how they just had to wait, and he was saying how that's actually what he means. I mean, he could have implied that a little better. *laughs* Sweetie! I love that he says "FYI" instead of "for your FYI". A lot of people do that, and it's a bit of a pet peeve for me, because you're basically saying "for your for your information." I'm not surprised he got that right, of course. Oh, and that "Die Hard" reference scene. I so knew when they showed that sene before the second half of 10th season started that it was from "Bad Guys". Oh, just about near the ned real quick, why are people not always convinced when Daniel pleads to their sympathies? What the hell? Going back to the "Die Hard" scene, Teal'c of course is in there, of course, and I have to say another part I love with him: "Please remain calm while we attempt to rectify this unfortunate circumstance", or something to that effect. *laughs again* That one guy was a dork, but he's funny, and Cicero is awesome. It's frustrating that for now he can't be heard. When he said the thing about his colleagues and all not taking him seriously, I thought about Daniel, but not in the teasing sort of way Vala did. Oh, yeah, a lot of that stuff with Cameron. I was like "Oh, gees!" when Vala actually set the bomb, though I wasn't all that surprised. I actually didn't realise she truly set it at first, I thought she was bluffing, and then when she went to disarm it, I was just thinking: Oh, boy! She actually set the thing and now she can't stop it! *laughs yet again* Of course, I knew everything would work out, and that's why it's funny, but yeah, I realised she wouldn't be able to stop it before she said she couldn't.

In any case, going back to Daniel, what I'm thinking, people have said Daniel has changed too much, and frankly, I don't get that. I mean, true, he doesn't react in every situation now the way he would have when he was younger, but given all he's been through, you can't expect him to be the same passive, somewhat naive young man he was when he first joined SG-1. Overall, though, he is so the same person. The way he talks about things he's interested in, to his friends for the most part, all of his little habits, that smile he gets when he makes some new intriguing discovery, all the smiles he gets for different situations, actually, the fact that he'll laugh at times, when he's actually frustrated with something, how little things will bug him more if he’s stressed about something big, how he’ll talk on and on about things of historical relevance (something I do, actually)... Just, yeah, he's so still Daniel, my Daniel.

Oh, one thing I’ve been meaning to say that’s different about Daniel in a lot of 10th season (though certainly not in any negative or extreme way), he seems to have been visiting a lot of sunny planets, or perhaps even getting some time in at the beach, because he’s fairly tanned in a lot of the newer episodes.

Oh, yesterday was way fun. It turns out farm raised catfish is sold in at least one of the best restaurants, and it can be every bit as succulent as wild catfish. You just watch they don't trim the fatty part, because that's the initial thing, you know, that just makes it perfect, and then the rest of it just melts in your mouth. It's all tender and juicy. It almost taste, to paraphrase a cliche, more like chicken then any other kind of fish, only better than any chicken (or other kind of fish, of course) I've ever had. Although I should point out that I haven't eaten chicken for fourteen years, but I do remember the taste of it, so, yeah.
Also, pressies! Lots of awesome stuff, including a gift card bunny (with a movie theatre gift card) I named “Daniel Henry”, and coolest of all if you ask me, a Rosetta stone paperweight! This thing is AWESOME! It is an exact replica of the Rosetta stone, scaled way down and sculpted in resin. SWEET! You know, I have to say, finding that, the actual Rosetta stone I mean, was so fate.

Right. I am so into "24" It's so funny! I really thought it was going to be the type of show where I sort of cared about the people, but after Michael's character was no longer on the show, and I no longer need to support Michael, as it were, I would hope things worked out okay for Jack and his friends, but I wouldn't really care about knowing for sure. By the second episode I saw I realised I was more interested in what was going on specifically with Jack, the main plot stuff, not that the side stuff wasn't interesting, but you know, and by the third episode I saw I was like, okay, I really think I'm going to want to keep watching this show! It's really weird. I mean, I really thought this was the sort of show I couldn't get in to, but obviously I was wrong about that.

Speaking of shows I'm into, the situation with SCI is frustrating. I mean, I'm sure everything's going to work out, but still. I really do not like seeing Grissom looks his cool so. I feel really bad for him, and god, of course for Sara. Grissom, though, being on the end having to know the person you love is hurt, and not being able to do anything about it, I think that's worse than being hurt yourself. You know, some people may think I'm strange for saying this, but I don't hate Natalie. Actually, I'm not sure you're supposed to. I almost feel sorry for her. I got annoyed with that woman when she made fun of her for stuttering. That's just mean anyway, but still. One thing is, if she really cared about that one guy, she can't truly be evil, seriously troubled yes, but not evil. You can't truly love anyone without a soul. So, yeah. I don't know. We'll see how things go in the next episode, which isn't until next season, of course. *sighs*

So, yeah, I lied about not wanting to watch any shows other than SG-1 and Atlantis. That's still only two shows, though. Besides "24" and CSI on Mondays and Thursdays respectively, and the History Channel, I watch SG-1 and Atlantis on Fridays, SG-1 every time it's on, at all, and any time other than that, if SG-1 isn't on, unless Maggie's out here, I'm watching SG-1 DVDs, or possibly listening to music. Even with Atlantis, CSI and "24", I don't watch during the hiatus. Well, I may watch "24". I'd like to see some of the episodes I missed, get caught up a little better. If SG-1 were still going on, of course I'd still watch it during the hiatus. So, yeah. Still rather limited in my television viewing.

I had another significant Daniel dream. There were these two pictures on my wall, one of Kurt, appropriately in a comic book sort of fashion, and one of Daniel. The one of Daniel was like a moving picture. I guess it was like a video loop. He was sleeping in the picture. He was bare-chested and lying on his back, like he likes to do, and basically you could just see him breathing and moving slightly at first. So I was looking at both pictures quickly first, then I was looking more at the picture of Kurt, and I was thinking that I was really enjoying looking at that picture. Then it occurred to me: "What am I doing?!" So, I went to look at the Daniel picture. As I was watching him, he turned and out his arms around someone I didn't see before, but it looked like me, like an image from a past life or something. I don't know. It was nice seeing, but it would have been even nicer experiencing it. Even if it isn't technically real, you know. I still love the Heaven dream best. Yeah.

Oh, there was a second part of that dream, but it's rather odd. It was like a separate dream, actually, which isn't so weird in of itself, but I dreamt my dad was driving me, my sister, and Vala of all people. He was driving very fast on the freeway, serving in between other cars. I don't remember for sure, but I suspect Vala may have gotten us in trouble. The thing is, I was listening to my Mix Stick as I was dreaming, and “Heaven” was on. So I dreamt it was on the radio, but you’d think a song like that wouldn’t manifest such a chaotic dream. Go figure.

One more thing: I just thought I'd mention that today is Maggie's one year anniversary of her falling in love with Chelsea. ^_^

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