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12/05/2007 - 9:58 p.m.

Latest "CSI"/Final Words on "The Shroud"/Sporadic Dreams/Thought On "Bounty"

Okay, the latest CSI. I love that show, though not as much as SG-1, so I don't always talk about it on here, but I really have to say someting about this episode. It was way cool for a couple of reasons. First off, it was so neat how Lady Heather got to see her granddaughter. That made me cry. The other way cool thing, maybe cooler depending, J.R. (Bourne) portrayed Lady Heather's ex husband! Yeah, I know Tony (Amendola) has a recurring role on there, but this was a total surprise, a new episode, and I've met J.R. I actually was looking away from the screen when I heard him, and I was like, I know that voice! Sure enough, I look, up and it's J.R.! Well, actually, it's Lady Heather's ex husband, but J.R. portrayed him, so he looks and sounds like J.R. You know what I mean. Yeah. It was very cool. I do also have to mention, Sara needs to learn to be more trusting. She has low self esteem. That's the problem, really. I knew nothing happened then with Grissom and Lady Heather. When Catherine was getting on his case about how he gets mad at her for becoming personally involved in cases, okay, he can be a little hypocritical in that way, but this really was a different matter. I tend to be more understanding with Grissom, and side with him. I mean, he's my favourite person on the show, and of the cool people, Catherine's my least favourite. Oh yeah, I also have to say, concerning an episode that was on a few weeks ago, Grissom has something else in common with Daniel: Neither on of them is a one-night-stand sort of person. They also both tend to think outside the box, consider things in a way many do not. I'm like that, actually, on both counts.

Okay, the thing about "The Shroud". I know I basically explained how everything's fine, but I just wanted to emphasise a few points I might not really have mentioned as well before, if at all. First off, everyone I talked to has said they weren't sure of what was going on until practically the very end, and a couple of those people were more on the negative side than on the positive side, even if they hadn't read anything that implied something bad. Not only was I completely sure he was on the level well before the end of the episode, but even before then, having read that spoiler and all, I was probably feeling more positive about the situation. Furthermore, I was thinking; well, if I didn't trust him completely right off, do I really love him as much as I think I do, but the very fact that I was worried about that tells me I do love him that much, and in fact, now I love him more. Again, also, is the fact that I know if I hadn't read that spoiler, or if I'd actually been there, I would have realised what was going on right off the bat.

I've been having seriously sporadic dreams lately. It sucks! Usually my dreams are very clear, scenes playing out in my head, and I'm either in them, or it's like I'm watching a show or a movie. Many times they even have a satisfying ending. However, these last few mornings (yes, I don't usually get to bed until the morning) have been just flashes that I couldn't interpret, though I know they had to do with Daniel and SG-1. Oh, yeah, I also dreamt about turning thirty, and of course I was happy about it. That was slowed down, but other than that, yeah, really weird, in a bad way. I hope I go back to dreaming the normal way again soon.

Oh, I also meant to say, pertaining to "Bounty", perhaps it was just my imagination, but it seems like Vala may have been a little jealous of Amy Vandenberg.

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