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22/04/2007 - 4:50 a.m.

Latest SG-1 (minor spoilers)/Can Hardly Wait!/ATHF Movie and Not Caring So Much/Birthday and Being Careful With Book/Annoying Memory/Bad Dream/Must Be Careful/Atlantis!

Well, about the latest SG-1 episode: A lot of it was pretty heavy and not that great, though very easy to follow. It was basically the opposite of "Company of Thieves". If I had come into "Line in the Sand" halfway through, I would have no problem figuring out what was going on, even though it wasn't just one situation, say with "Uninvited" (which I almost hate, incidentally, not only is Daniel not in it, but the bug that thankfully seems to have crawled out of Cameron's bum was about as far up in there as it could have been at that point). Yeah, though, I do like some stuff. I love when Vala sees Teal'c, and how Sam's laptop password is "Fishing", and I love the end, when Sam tries one of those macaroons Cameron baked. She gets that same look as when she tasted the Asgard food. *laughs* Yeah, those macaroons didn't look very good. I don't know if Cameron is in denial about how well he can copy his grandma's recipe, or if his grandma actually didn't bake very well, and he just liked the way she baked because it was his grandma baking cookies for him, you know, but well, I've never seen macaroon that were that dark! *laughs again*
Oh, another thing, I really like that Tomin is realising, in his own way, that how he'd been treating people is wrong. I think Vala helped him some with that, even if he doesn't realise it.

You know, I can hardly wait until my angel is back and all right! I have to wait another week, and then deal with stuff in "The Shroud", but after, he'll be okay, and back with the team. I think after that, things may get more upbeat. I mean, I'm sure there will still be some serious stuff to deal with, but not so much severely stressful stuff, nothing but, like. "Bad Guys" for one, seems promising.

Now I'm going to talk about the movie Maggie and I saw: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres. I was very funny, not surprisingly, though I fell asleep for maybe ten minutes of the film because I literally got no sleepthe night before,, though I didn't miss much. That movie isn't exactly the sort of thing you have to be glued to, as it were. However, it does, um, question a lot of answers. *grins*
We're getting it on DVD when it comes out, though I don't know when I'll get around to watching it then.

To be honest, I never feel like watching anything but SG-1 anymore. To be honest, I don't enjoy going out as much as I used to. I can follow the movies, and it's certainly not unpleasant watching them, at least the last few movies I've seen that's the case, but at some point my thoughts of how much I love Daniel, and just wanting to go home and watch SG-1 become almost overwhelming. As we're going home, the only thing I want to do is listen to the love songs on my Mix Stick and long for my angel. I guess as long I am doing things, it's not bad. I do still want to go out some, just not so much and for as often as before. That is to say, I will only go to the movies or some such thing if there is really something I want to check out, but I'll always get to the listening to love songs and all that point by the end of the day. I dunno. Maybe when we're able to start going to the natural history museum and things like that again, I'll enjoy myself more because I love that more than going to the movies, and I can think about how Daniel very much enjoys that sort of thing as well.

Another thing, I find I don't enjoy Maggie's company as much anymore. That's actually been going on for a bit, but I mean, I at least wanted to talk to her about stuff sometimes. Now I just wish she'd leave me alone and let me watch SG-1 all day in peace. I'm content to talk about stuff to myself or in my diary. Honestly, I don't think I'd mind if Maggie lived somewhere else, and only came around for holidays and such. That probably sounds bad, but I can't help it. I do love Maggie, really, even if I don't love her nearly as much as I love Daniel, I still wouldn't want her to completely go away, so there's that. Yeah, though. I'm still coping, barely.

Oh, geez! I almost forgot! The nineteenth was my and Maggie's birthday! We're twenty nine. I'm so happy! Only one year to thirty (and no, I'm not being sarcastic)! Maggie got me the SG-1 board game and the complete visual guide, which I feel guilty about because I only got her Play-Do, which is more of a gag gift, but she's making beads out of it, and ultimately they're going to be part of a necklace, so that's something. Yeah, though, that doesn't change what I said in the last paragraph. I did say I'd want he to be here during special events. As for the book, it's way cool. There's a foreword by Rick. The only thing is the part with Daniel, I have to be careful not to look at the right side of the book, because it's very not good.

Which reminds me of something else. I was talking to Maggie (if she's there I may as well talk to her) on the way to see the ATHF movie about how I can recall every bad episode with Daniel except for Evolution 1 and 2. I won't, of course, but if someone forced me to, I know I could do it, save for those two episodes. I remember the first part of Evolution 1, and a few things I think about Evolution 2, but nothing really bad. Obviously this is a good thing, but it would be nice if that were the case for every terrible episode.

In any case, I don't know if it was because of that discussion or what, but the other evening I dreamt I woke up and it was Tuesday, so 4th season was on, and instead of making sure I could watch every episode (which I would never do, but yeah, it was a dream, actually, I would have made sure I knew before the day even, but again, dream), I just turned to SciFi, and it happened to be "The Light", and it happened to be right at the very worst scene of that episode (the apartment scene, and that's all I'll say), which of course I remember painfully well. I remember quickly turning off the television, but I don't remember anything about the dream after that, though I like to think I turned it back after a sufficient amount of time to see that he was okay. I always like to do that. In fact, it bugs me not to. That was actually the first what I would call nightmare I've had involving Daniel, though. I mean, it might be different if I at least could remember seeing the end, but no such luck. Oh well. It's over now, obviously. I so much did not enjoy that, though, and I hope I never have another dream of that nature.

Oh, yeah. Also, I have to be careful if I want to watch "Thor's Chariot" (which is like my twentieth or twenty first favourite episode, I think, incidentally) on DVD, because it's on the same disc as "Need", and after an episode is over, before going back to the root menu, a picture is shown from one of the episodes on the disc, and t6he one they have for that particular disc is for the latter mentioned episode, and it really pisses me off if I see it. It takes me a really long time to compose myself, and in fact I'm not completely okay again until I can see my Daniel actually again, so I like to do that as soon as possible, and if Maggie's watching something I have to be patient, and it's very frustrating. I love the picture on the DVD with "Beneath The Surface", though, by the way. It's the scene in there where Daniel is asking Teal'c what he meant when he said they were part of a team and all. I feel bad for Daniel in that part, but it's not that bad, and it's a little funny as well what with the bookmark thing, and you can really see him, even if he doesn't know who he is. I saw that not too long after seeing the picture from "Need", and I was just like, "Wow! That's much better!" I also will say that, not surprisingly, that picture seemed to go by much more quickly. Maggie switched to regular television on the bad picture, and you could tell it was still going strong. I know that's mere perspective, but yeah.

Oh, one more thing: *Drum roll...* Atlantis! Yes! Believe it or not, I'm going to talk about the show I've mentioned perhaps three times in my entire time keeping this diary. I actually may have talked about the first episode on after "The Quest, Part 2" if I wasn't so in shock from that I could barely tell what was going on, though I did note when Jack mentions how Sam should help in Atlantis. I don't imagine that was purely because he thinks she'd do a good job there, though I'm sure he does think that as well.
Yeah, though, as for "Echoes". I really loved this episode! I think it may be my favourite of all so far. It was the first one that really I guess inspired me, if you will, in an overall good way. It's very interesting that those "whales" are not mammals. I just assumed from the commercials that they were actual whales, but obviously that isn't the case. They're certainly as smart as whales, though, perhaps more so. I really liked McKay in this episode, as well, with "Sam". That was cute. Speaking of cute. Dex continues to be adorable with his seemingly tough persona, then curiosity, and dare I say, innocent way about the overall way things are in Atlantis and other worlds. It's quite endearing. I think he may be my second or third favourite character at this point, at least my second favourite main character. So, yeah. There you are.

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