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18/04/2007 - 7:51 p.m.

More on Dave/More on TQP2/Fire and Water/Maggie's Denial

Okay, I'm calmed down, I can explain more about Dave for anyone who doesn't know.
Dave Cockrum is the creator of the character Nightcrawler, whom I used to be quite enamored of. While I'm not really into Nightcrawler at all anymore, I still considered Dave a friend, though I didn't keep in touch with him as well as I should have. I didn't even know he'd passed away until over four months after it happened. I had a feeling, though. Heíd been sick for a while. Dave had diabetes, and it was always difficult for him to deal with, and it finally became too much for him. So, I think partly my realisation of how long I'd stayed away from Nightscrawlers (the Nightcrawler message board I used to visit everyday, and where I met Dave), slight guilt from just up and leaving it, and an understanding of how sick Dave was when I last heard from him, I mean to say that I don't think my feeling that he'd passed away was all that prophetic. I do believe I had that feeling around the time he actually died, but for some reason I didn't think about going on there again until recently, when my suspicion was confirmed. I paid my respects as it were, and offered my condolences to Paty, Dave's widow and also a friend of mine. I sometimes wish I could keep in touch better with all of the friends I've made in the past, but yeah, I've moved on so much from a lot of those things. It's hard. I know she's managing at least, so that's good. Paty is a super strong individual, though, and all my other friends on there and other places, I suspect they're doing all right in their various respects and pursuits and such. Yeah, though. Dave was such a neat person (I mean, I know he's still a neat person in heaven, but yeah). I'm going to miss him. Even if I never went on Nightscrawlers anymore, I liked thinking that if I did, just for old time's sake or whatever, he'd be there, and I could say hi. I'm just glad I was able to befriend him at all, though, at least.

As for "The Quest Part 2", I wanted to say more about it before the next episode, which of course is day after tomorrow, so there you go (incidentally, tomorrow is my birthday, and the 6:00 episode is "Hathor", which sucks a lot, not as bad as my least favourite episode being on when James' birthday was, but yeah).
So, I said, I hated this episode overall, but there were actually a few things I liked about it: The dragon scenes were cool, when they first met Merlin (it figures he would mistake Daniel for Sir Galahad), and I clapped when Sam punched Baíal. Overall, though, yeah, what Daniel was going through, and the fact that that bitch knew he couldnít do anything to stop her. Also, I mean, I hope something happens with that, the weapon. I donít want to think there was no good that came from that. I suppose itís good that he tried anyway. I mean, you should always try. Of course, Daniel certainly isnít the sort not to try. It will still be frustrating, though, if nothing comes of it. I canít help that.

Holy shit! "Fire an Water" was on, and I can not stand that episode, but I love the end. I would put it on a list of favourite scenes (and I'm actually going to do that), but I was trying to time it so that I only saw the good part, of course, and I know now, but I switched it too soon. Of course I switched it back for a bit (I had "That's So Raven" on to switch to if I happened to go to SG-1 at a sucky point), and it was okay after a few seconds, but yeah, I hadn't seen any of that last part, where he's in that memory machine thing, or any of it since I fell in love with him, but um, I'm still getting over seeing that, I mean, the second that I saw. It doesn't matter if it's a fraction of a second. It hurts so much when I see him in pain that way. I feel like my heart is breaking. I felt a little better after seeing the very last scene, but yeah, as soon as I can watch a happy episode where nothing bad (or like in "The Ties That Bind", it's just a tiny bit, not awful, though I still feel bad, of course, but I can watch it) happens, I will. Actually, I think before that I will watch the "Toss the Symbiote Head" scene in "The First Ones". Nothing makes me happier than when my angel's laughing, when he's really happy and having a good time. That entire scene all through until it fades out to the part where Jack is talking to Rothman (I think he's still Rothman there), I love it all so much, but I think I've said, and certainly implied, that moment when he laughs is the single most wonderful moment of any show, or movie, or anything like that. Maggieís watching CSI at the moment, however, so I have to be patient.

Oh, my God. Maggie is so in denial about not loving Chelsea as much as I love Daniel. She essentially admitted that she doesn't but she didn't realise it. She was saying how she cares about watching other show besides "That's So Raven", that she's not to the point I'm at yet, but then she said she loves Chelsea as much as I love Daniel, which makes no sense. Oh well.

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