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11/04/2007 - 7:33 a.m.

Mini Marathon/MTR/My Angel's Laugh!

There was something of an SG-1 marathon on Friday. The 6:00 episode was "Cold Lazarus", my fifth favourite episode. Then at 8:00 "Memento Mori" was on, which I don't love, but it's still my favourite episode of 10th season because of the "Daniel moment" when he talks to Vala in the warehouse near the end and then hugs her. God, I love him.

Anyway, then "Company of Theives" was on! Oh, my gosh, I'd never seen all of that episode until then. I liked it, but I felt bad that Emerson got killed, and bad for Sam when she was (understandably) so upset. Also, I didn't like when Teal'c was being hit by that jerk, and I felt bad when he (Teal'c) was totally punching the jerk after he got out because it was upsetting seeing how angry he was at how that idiot was to him. He nearly lost his senses from it, and I don't like that. Luckilly, its not that long, though. None of the frustrating scenes last long enough or are quite bad enough that I can't watch them. I think if something happened with Daniel it would be different, but as long as it wasn't that long I could still watch the episode. I'd just have to turn the channel for a few minutes or look away for a few seconds (he does get zatted, but I don't have to look away or anything because luckilly you don't actuially see it). Getting back to the scenes with Teal'c, though. I like how Cameron helps him. Cameron is actually very cool in this episode, which is promising. I get a kick out of the part where he's "torturing" Teal'c.
I have to say a lot of the Lucian Alliance stuff was boring, but some of it was pretty funny. My favourite stuff, though, had to be everything with Daniel, and not just because they were scenes with Daniel, honest. Those bits just have the coolest way about them. They make me think a little of a few scenes in "The Ties That Bind". (Man, incidentally, speaking of that episode, I love it so much! It is super groovy. It is so on my to twenty, at least. I'm debating whether it could be on my top fifteen. It is so awesome! I'm glad there is a season 9 of SG-1 so I could see that, and, also, even more incidentally, I'm also glad there's a 10th season, particularly as now SG-1 has a place in the Guinees book of records as the longest running sci-fi show).

After that, "The Quest, part 1" was on. That episode is actually pretty darn cool, except for the super bitch, Adria. I was sure something was going on with that "Osiric" when I first saw that episode, but now seeing it, when I'm sure, I'm just thinking the whole time before they find out what's going on "Stupid bitch! How dare you decieve them!" I'm wishing I could have warned them. *sighs* In any case, I love when Daniel notches her down about her powers, but I wish they'd just killed her when they had that chance. *sighs again* Oh, yeah, also, how stupid is it that she thought the test to help the little kid was that they shouldn't help him because they'd be walking into a trap? Only a messed up bitch like her would seriously consider that.

"200" was on after that, and that one part with the Thunderbird Daniel still makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe and no sound comes out.

After that everything but the latter re-ran.

I saw "Meet th Robinsons" Monday! I loved it! Wilbur is totally my favourite character. He has this cool quirky way about him. I mean, all the Robinsons are quirky, but he's quirky in the coolest way of them. The end of that movie is touching, and they play "Little Wonders" from Rob (Thomas). I love that song. I love pretty well all of his songs, but yeah. "Chicken Little" is still my very favourite computer animated Disney film. Well, it's my favourite Disney film, my very favourite film of all, Disney or not, but "Meet The Robinsons" is definitely way cool.

OH MY GOD!!!! Ahhh! Okay, Ohmygodhohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! Eeeeeehhhhheeee! Okay, Ah! Yee! Okay, I can not believe I never noticed this before. Well, I proably noticed it before I fell in love with Daniel, but I saw "The First Ones" after that, so I don't know. I'll notice things about him the more I love him the more closely I pay attention to him, and now I'm just like totally engrossed in him every time he's on to like, I mean, I am focused, noticing everything about him. His face, his hands, his voice, just everything. It's even better with the DVDS. For example; he has a subtle scar on right side of his chin, and I never noticed that until watching the DVDs. The best, I mean obviously, would be experiencing him actually, but seeing as how, for now, that's impossible, DVDs will have to do until the point that I can actually be with Daniel. Of course, then he won't be in his body anymore, so I don't know what he'll look like. I just know he'll still be the most beautiful of anything, anywhere, ever, but yeah. I am totally digressing. My point is, SG-1 Tuesdays was on (and it seems they changed it to just 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., which is still better than "SG-1 Mondays", but I miss the thirteen or fourteen episodes in a row. Oh well, though, I guess). So, yeah, I was talking about the DVDs, but I noticed this on television, as the sound quality, actually, is no different. Perhaps I had the television turned up more this time than I ever did, or at least did since falling in love with my angel and really thinking about it. So, yeah, the part in "The First Ones" where he and Cha'ka are tossing the symbiote head back and forth. That is my favourite scene in the episode, but now I love it even more, because, okay, I always saw when Daniel smiles, and I love that, of course, but ohmygod! Okay, he laughs in that part! God! Angel! Angel! Angel! Gah! Okay, I never knew there was an episode where you heard him laugh! I imagined what his laugh was like, and I figured well, but no amount of imagining is anywhere near as wonderful as actually hearing him laugh! It is the most beautiful sound! My God! I can't even, angel! Ah! God, I love him! Yeah, though, I really am having trouble deciding whether I love tFO or "Beneath the Surface" more, especially now.

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