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2006-11-25 - 1:41 a.m.


Okay, I feel like ranting, politically and corporately.

Let's start with the political portion:
Let me begin by saying that I seriously tend to be on the liberal side of the fence. I'm for gay marriage, taxing the rich, protecting the environment... There are only two things I don't understand about most liberals: The way they think about illegal aliens, and the whole pro-choice thing.

First the latter: Democrats say we should welcome illegals, give them rights befitting that of a citizen, that they're just trying to make a new life for themselves here in the good ol' U.S.A. News flash here, though, people: Mexico is not an oppressed country! College kids go there for Spring Break! Cancun is like the sun and fun capital of the world! (There are also a few historic landmarks there, but why admire ancient ruins when you can get a tan?! Oh, and for those who don't know me at all, that was sarcasm.) I have friends who live in Mexico and have perfectly nice lives. All a person from Mexico would have to do to become a citizen is get enough money for a plane ticket to America, maybe stay with some friends in the states for a while until they get their feet, learn English (if they haven't already), study for and finally take the citizenship test, and there you have it. Yes, it's true that not everyone who may, for whatever reason, want to move to America would be able to afford it, but there are plenty of people who were born here who can not afford to move where they want. the problem isn't merely If Mexico has a bad track record with aiding single mothers and things of that nature, I'm sorry, but that's not the U.S.'s fault. Potential illegal imigrants in Mexico should be working to adjust its laws, instead of just shuffling into the next available country. I mean, it's not like they kill single mothers there or anything. If we were dealing with refugees or a manner of such, I would be fine with them comingh here. I would say that America should personallly escort every at risk Mexican across our borders and give them honorary citizenship, but that's not the case. For the most part, there is no great reason for anyone from Mexico to be crossing illegally into America, and it wouldn't be so bad if there wern't truly a risk of over poulation and job loss, but there is. Illegals may mostly take somewhat menial jobs, but nothing that many Americans citizens wouldn't be willing to do themselves. If no one crossed the border for a free ride, if you will, only to actually become a citizen, and legally, these potential or already problems would not exist.
A third point is the fact that most illegals do not learn English. I'm not asking for fluency here, but I expect someone who comes into this country, if they are truly intending to become part of it, to at least learn the main language of that country to a reasonable extent to get by, and to not feel that said country is obligated to translate everly damn thing for them. Before my mum retired from her job with social services, she had been up for a promotion. She was well qualified, the only problem is that she's not fluent in Spanish. She knows it well enough to make her way if she were to ever visit Mexico or Spain (where part of her family is from, incidentally), but she isn't truly bilingual. Another woman was being considered for the promotion, as well. She was not as well qualified, but bagged the higher paying job anyway. One guess why. Yes, she was fluent in Spanish. Anyone coming over here to become a citizen should be expectd, if they want benefits, to learn the language. They should be able to understand English well enough that a person who did not speak Spanish as well as English would be able to help them, just as an American would be expected to learn the language well enough to get all the legally help if he or she were moving to another country. Here, despite the fact that English is still the main language of the majority of the population, if a person speaks better Spanish than English, they will get the job. I can't say how many times my order at a fast food restaurant has been wrong because the person at the front was supposedly bilingual, when probably all they knew of English was "May I take your order?" I do realise that many of these people (hopefully, a good portion of them here legally) are trying to learn English, but it seems to me that until then, they should not be taking customer's orders. Perhaps when someone comes in who also is learning English, they could help them to make it a bit easier for the time being, that could also be the case with getting benefits, but that's it, until, of course, the individual doesn't look at the average American as if he or she is speaking some bizarre extraterrestrial language whenever they're trying to order fries.

My second, but certainly not least important more conservative political concern is the whole pro-choice thing. Supporters of the pro-choice movement say that women should have the right to choose what they want for their own bodies, but we're not talking about women's bodies, here, we're talking about babies' bodies. Before I go any further, I should say that while I consider myself pro-life, I'm not completely against the idea of a woman who is the victim of sexual assault getting an abortion in the first trimester, and certainly if the mother's life is in danger, at any point before the child can live outside the womb (otherwise it should be considered an emergency delivery), but I can not support any women who uses abortion essentially as a means of birth control. It is wasteful and unfair, and for those would-have-been mothers who actually have a conscious, can cause severe depression. Not to mention the fact that the more abortions a woman has, the less likely she is to be able to have a child when she truly wants one. Women should be encouraged to practice safer sex, and if a woman does accidentally become pregnant, there should be government run programs to help her every step of the way (there are currently only government run abortion clinics). Adoption should be encouraged as a caring alternative to terminating a pregnancy if a woman truly can not care for her child. With already mentioned exceptions, any woman who goes to a pregnancy counseling center should be told exactly what abortion entails. I don't doubt that if more women knew the facts, far fewer of them would be undergoing such a horrendous operation. It's possible that these points would mostly eradicate abortion without need for making it illegal, but if it came to that, inevitably we would begin to see "back alley" abortionists rear their ugly heads again. Hopefully, most women would be discouraged well enough not to patronise these sickos, but I feel heavy fining and major jail time would also be in order for anyone attempting this "profession".

Now, on to the corporate stupidity.
The PS3 is over half of a thousand dollars. I am sorry, but that is fucked! Then there are no games for it which are under sixty! How can that possibly be justifiable? It's ridiculous! You can buy a computer for six hundred! My beloved PS2 was only two hundred when it came out. How can technology have advanced so far to the point that the PS3's engorged price tag is relevant? If anything, advances in game system creating technology (or whatever) would make the system less expensive.

Also, why do so many companies insist on encouraging rudeness? Not to mention the kids' products whose commercials encourage disrespect of parents, and imply that adults are morons. Also the separation of kids and adults, the idea that kids need to be sheltered and can't learn about death or anything. All the movies that would have been G when I was a kid are now PG, and they're maybe half as violent and graphic. And what's with deeply emotional. meaningful songs being used to advertise cars and credit cards. Things like this have always been a problem, but it all seems to be getting worse. Oh, and there's also the encouraging of bad grammar. America thinks it's so great because it doesn't know that "S" and "Z" are not interchangeable and most guys here are encouraged to beat each other up and eat fattening foods until they're organs are crapped out and they can't "get it up", so they take Viagra until they die of a heart attack. No one ever deals with problems here, they just take pills to get rid of the outside symptoms, but meanwhile the sickness is eating away at them on the inside. It's sickening and it pisses me off, and it makes me wish more than ever that I'd been born in England. I know England isn't perfect, but at least it's genuine.

Alright, obviously that last bit was pure rant, but I did try to make some "subtle" points.

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