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2006-09-20 - 11:47 p.m.

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Time for another multiple topic entry.

First off, "Company of Thieves” was a bit confusing to me. Of course, that may partly have to do with the fact that I couldn't watch the show at eight, and I missed probably the first twenty minutes of it at eleven. Still, I've missed the first part of episodes before and could figure out better what was going on. Well, in any case, Daniel was wonderful as always. I loved when he was "commanding" the Odyssey. ^_^

I found Timberwolf! Chuck Jones' last creation, a flash animated cartoon series shown only online starring Thomas Timberwolf, the smooth talking sometime clever (though usually he only thinks he's being clever) wolf who can't help but yell out "TIMBERRR!" whenever he sees a tree. Episodes used to be available on the Warner Bros website, but that hasn't been the case for a few years now. I hadn't really thought about finding other sites that may have the show until now. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I felt that if it wasn't at WB, it wouldn't be anywhere, which is silly, of course. Certainly, just because Warner Bros has to make room for other things on their site, doesn't mean they don't still want people to be able to see such a wonderful show. It makes sense that they'd allow other sites to have the episodes. So, I though about that, and Googled "Thomas Timberwolf". Sure enough, the first site to come up was one dedicated to Timberwolf, where you can watch all thirteen episodes. Yay!

Another wonderful thing: I found a site called Care2, where you can get an email address set up a profile and meet people interested in various important causes. As I say in my profile on here, I'm pro-life, but I'm also anti capital punishment, and generally rather liberal in most of my other views as well. Most of the pro-life groups I've found tend to be on the conservative side, and or they tend to be comprised mainly of Christian, who are anti abortion for religious as well as moral reasons. Now, I don't have a problem with either group necessarily, they're just not for me. I mean, I'm a liberal Jew! Care2 has a group for pro-lifers that has, along with the (mostly semi) conservatives and Christians, people like me, who don't fit into the typical definition of a pro-lifer.

Lastly, I just have to say that when one person doesn't believe or respect another person's feelings for yet someone else, that very latter person should mind their own business and not be saying that the second mentioned person is wrong or doesn't know what they're talking about. It's their heart, and no amount of anyone telling them they don't know what they're talking about is going to change what it tells them. To insult love serves no purpose but to make the one the insult is directed to feel bad that this other person does not at the very least respect their beliefs enough to not belittle them. Besides that, it's pointless, because at best, you won't change how they feel, and at worst, not only will you not change how they feel, you'll be considered close-minded, lose any respect they had for you, and possibly even a friendship (or a potential friendship).

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