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2005-12-19 - 12:08 a.m.

My Ex Friend/Daniel/Quiz Result

Well, I recently found out that this person I've known for years, Dena, whom I visited less than a week ago, does not approve of inter-racial relationships. Anyone who's read my diary semi-faithfully knows how I feel about people who think that way. I'm frankly appalled that I've been associating with a racist for twenty seven years. Well, of course I'm calling her on it. I don't know if she'll realise how wrong she is to think that way, but if she doesn't, I obviously can't be her friend anymore. I've already stopped being her friend, actually, but I can never be her friend again.

So, moving on to better things... Daniel. Man, sometimes it amazes me how obvious it is that no one else feels the way I do about him, I mean, he's got some other cool fans. I don't go in much with the gutter-girls, the "Evil Daniel" fans and such, and the whumpers are just sick, but most of them are cool. Still, they simply do not see Daniel the way I do, they don't love him the way I do.
As well, extending the topic, Maggie is in love with Carson, and it's so apparent to me that they are not soul-mates. It isn't easy to express to people how you feel about someone when they're your soul-mate, indeed, it may well be impossible, but for those who have found their one true love, it is that much more obvious when another person does not feel nearly as strongly about someone they care about.

God! Ahhh! Lordy, I love that man, though! I love, love, LOVE him! It's ridiculous! I mean, "love" is not really an adequate word to describe what he means to me, like that song, "I Said I Loved You (But I Lied)". Words are sorely lacking in ability to justly describe my feelings for Daniel. I can say that he's the most amazingly wonderful, beautiful person who has ever existed and who ever will exist, but he's so much more than that even. I mean, really, that description is pathetic! I can't even just, my love for him is just, ahhh! Man! I love my angel so much! More than that even, like, infinity and beyond (no Toy Story rib intended, really). You can just forget about the possibility of me ever falling in love with anyone else again, or getting a crush on someone again, and by all means, of course, ever falling out of love with Daniel. Daniel, just saying his name is bliss! My Daniel, my incredibly amazing angel (again, these words are so inadequate). *sighs* Love him, adore him, WORSHIP him!

Winding down this entry, we have the rather un-surprising results of a quiz I took recently:

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