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2005-04-16 - 6:38 pm

Fever Pitch/Hitchhiker's/Cold Stone Ice Cream/More on Daniel

I went to the movies yesterday and saw "Fever Pitch". It's a really cute film. I love it! I quite like the product placement; Sam Adams! My favourite beer! Also, the guy who plays Martin in SG-1 was in it! The biggest surprise I got from it though was in the credits, when I saw that it was directed by the Farrelly brothers!
I love all their movies, but this one was quite different from the general formula. There were a few wacky moments, but really it was just a cute romantic comedy, like The Wedding Singer or America's Sweethearts.
Well, the Farrellys have definitely shown they can make great films that would be considered a bit more, normal.

I always find myself, when watching those kinds of movies, seeing myself and Daniel in the same situation. Well, maybe not the exact same situation, but you know what I mean.

I read Hitchhiker's, in less than two days, and I'm starting on The Restaurant At the End of the Universe.
I can not wait until April twenty ninth! Well, I mean, I do have to finish the other books, because I'm pretty sure the film incorporates all of them, but that will take like no time at all. Man! Hitchhiker's is awesome! All this time, I know a lot of people who love the books, the characters, and I always meant to read it, but I just kept putting it off, or I couldn't find a copy, something. Then I see the teaser for the movie, and a Borders has recently opened up here. So I'm just like, okay, I have got to quit screwing around.
Anyway, yeah, though. It's so cool! It's like, when you've heard so much about a person, and then you meet them, and they become your friend. Man! No wonder so many people love this series!
My favourite character is definitely Arthur. He is precious! So is Martin Freeman, who plays Arthur in the movie, which is why I think he's great for the role (even though he himself didn't feel that way at first). Actually, I think all of the actors who were chosen are great. You know, Martin Freeman plays Tim in The Office, for anyone who doesn't know. God, I hate NBC! I digress, though. Anyway, back to Arthur. I had a feeling he would be my favourite just from what I heard about him even before I read the book.

Alright. I just have to say that Cold Stone Ice cream is the best ever. It beats Ben and Jerry's by a mile. It is so unbelievably creamy!

Well, I feel it is that time again, to talk about how much I love Daniel. I've been somewhat lax in my praise of him, as of late, and that simply will not do. Daniel is the greatest, most wonderful, most beautiful person in the history of people, in the history of history, in the history of anything, anyone, anywhere, ever! You know what? I just need to hold him. I need to be close to him, as close as possible. It wouldn't be enough for me to just hold his hand, or kiss him. I have to be right up against him, feeling and hearing his heart beat and his breathing. Maybe some day this will be possible. I don't see anything else with the fervor that I do Daniel.
I can't imagine loving any one else as much as I love Daniel. Heck! I can barely imagine loving Daniel as much as I love Daniel, even though I do!

Oh yeah, yet another way to tell how much more in love with Daniel I am than I was with Kurt: With the latter, I still got crushes all the time. With Daniel, however, I feel no urge to get a crush on anyone, and there have been some pretty cute guys I've seen lately. They simply aren't as beautiful, or as wonderful as Daniel, so why would I have any interest in thinking more about them than I do Daniel? I wouldn't even love them. Which makes me wonder, did I really love Kurt? Well, at any rate, what really matters is that I love Daniel. I don't see that changing any time soon (if ever), and that's certainly fine with me.

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